The Betrayed and Suppressed Women of Afghanistan
The American habit of thinking only in the short term has also shaped long-term results in Afghanistan. Military and political leaders in Washington have had a way of focusing only on the most immediate events, argues Ann Jones.
Manufacturing Fear Itself
When it comes to the news we produce and consume in our democracy, it’s increasingly clear that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, writes Reed Richardson.
Lessons from the Historic Tunisian Elections
The election victory of the new Nidaa Tounes party reflects a relatively sophisticated response by smaller parties and political groupings who came together to form this alliance of former officials, secularists, progressives and leftists, argues Rami G. Khouri .
Delusional Victory Holds The Promise Of Change
While Hamas is claiming victory, it emerged more isolated than ever before and remains vulnerable to Israel’s military incursions and at its mercy to ease the blockade, notes Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.
How Israel Is Turning Gaza Into A Super-max Prison
Where else in the world apart from the Palestinian territories would the international community stand by idly as so many people suffer – and not from a random act of God but willed by fellow humans? Asks Jonathan Cook.
Libyan Youth Are Stronger Than Death
The youth of Libya are still working to combat violence and support peace projects. We shall continue until the very end, and we shall prevail, writes Marouane Bakit.
Oil prices drop below $87 on strong dollar

World oil prices sink as dealers take cue from strength of dollar and also digest stronger than expected third-quarter US economic growth data.

Saudi capital races against time to complete metro project
Kuwait Emir warns lawmakers: Declines in oil price are damaging economy
Kuwait plays down oilfield dispute with Saudi Arabia
Will wealthy Gulf states tighten taps to shore up oil prices?
Kuwait calls for Gulf reforms to cope with drop in oil prices
Turkey Central Bank holds interest rates for second consecutive month
Masdar to build first large-scale wind farm in GCC
Alderton: Morocco unrivalled business gateway to sub-Saharan Africa
Story about fear and destruction: Palestinian artist captures Gaza pain in clay

Wary of hostility from conservative Muslims, Iyyad Sabbah is happy to see dozens of adults and children crowding round for closer look at his work.

Morocco fossils: A rare and vanishing treasure
Cultural heartland of Al Ain hosts night of Emirati musical heritage
Abu Dhabi Film Festival to showcase best of Arab cinema
Sharjah Children's Film Festival kicks off with rich selection of movies
Piano recital opens Abu Dhabi Classics season
Al Masar Gallery holds second solo exhibition for Egyptian artist Ahmad Farid
Louvre Abu Dhabi to showcase renowned collections from France
Morocco basking in resurgence in foreign film productions
Abu Dhabi Film Festival unveils line up for 2014 edition
Story about fear and destruction: Palestinian artist captures Gaza pain in clay
Wary of hostility from conservative Muslims, Iyyad Sabbah is happy to see dozens of adults and children crowding round for closer look at his work.
On train from Budapest to Iran: Western tourists discover ‘Jewels of Persia’
Around 70 passengers visit cities of Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd before reaching Tehran where travellers will spend two days before flying home.
Saudi activists declare success of women driving campaign
Activists say they will keep raising voices, and getting behind wheel in world's only country where women are not allowed to operate cars.
Mounting Israeli-Palestinians tensions reverberate on the soccer pitch
Rights and legal advocacy group Adalah charges in petition to Tel Aviv district court that Israel Football Association is segregating Israeli and Palestinian teams and discriminating Israeli Palestinian players in its Shomron amateur division.
European clubs step up campaign against winter World Cup in Qatar
Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) calls for 2022 tournament to be kept in summer.
Punishment for sexual assault in Iran: Execution of victim!
Iran hangs Reyhaneh Jabbari convicted of murdering former intelligence officer she claimed had tried to sexually assault her.
Saudi Arabia warns female drivers: You will be dealt with strictly!
Interior Ministry says it will deal ‘strictly’ with anyone who contributes towards ‘providing violators with opportunity to undermine social cohesion.’
Osama Silwadi: From war photographer to documenter of Palestinian history
Disability ends Osama Silwadi’s career as war correspondent, but now photographer has found new calling documenting his people's heritage.
Turkish pianist to Islamist-rooted government: Don't be afraid of artists!
Fazil Say appeals to government not to be ‘afraid’ of artists after his works were removed from state-funded orchestra's repertoire.
South Sudan women offer ‘solution’ to end war: Sex strike!
Around 90 women meet in Juba to come up with ideas on how to advance cause of peace, suggesting men be denied sex until they stop fighting.
How to overcome Qatar heat? FIFA boss prefers winter World Cup in 2022
Europe's top leagues remain firmly opposed to any suggestion that World Cup be moved to winter to avoid sweltering summer months in Qatar.
Archaeologists unveil rare Roman inscription in Jerusalem
Israeli archaeologists find 2,000-year-old commemorative stone inscription near Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem's Old City.