Why Diplomacy Succeeds and Fails
The Americans and Israelis in particular could learn much from analyzing the recent trajectory of the Iran negotiations, and why they suddenly achieved progress, writes Rami G. Khouri.
How Should Obama Respond to Putin’s Ukraine Provocations?
The real meaning of the Ukraine crisis is that, unless the ongoing diplomacy resolves it in a compromise between Russia and the West, US-Russian relations will be in a deep freeze for many years to come, notes Bob Dreyfuss.
How America’s Wars Come Home With the Troops
A significant number of veterans have yet to unpack and examine the wars they brought home in their baggage. In too many grim cases, they, their loved ones, their fellow soldiers, and sometimes random strangers are paying the price, argues Ann Jones.
Iraqi Elections: Ongoing Tragedy for Iraqi Women
If the coming 30 April elections follow the pattern apparent since the 2003 American occupation, the lives of Iraqi women will remain bleak, their sufferings will continue, stresses Sawsan Al-Assaf.
Survival Is the Saudi Key Word
This trilateral alliance of Qatar, Turkey and the MBI would develop into a real threat to Saudi’s survival, says Nicola Nasser.
Rigging the Game Against Palestinians
Official Washington’s neocons are busy spinning the latest US failure to negotiate an Israeli-Palestinian peace as an excuse to extend the Israeli occupation indefinitely by insisting that the Palestinians first pass some ever-receding test of quality self-governance, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar notes.
Turkey to Russia: We demand a gas price revision

Despite divergences on some political issues, Turkey and Russia are increasing their trade, energy links.

Algeria finally opens its piggybank to lure back exiled youth
Libyan oil returns to export market after 8-month break
Iran taps into West anger against Russia with gas supply offer
Kuwait signs oil contracts worth $12 billion
Despite influx of cash, Egypt still needs more financial support
Etihad to outline offer to buy troubled Alitalia
Turkey outlook downgraded to 'negative'
Etihad boss meets Italian PM on Alitalia deal
Sheikh Zayed Book Award chooses Saudi King as Cultural Personality of year 2014

Award honours King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud for his pioneering role in promoting peaceful co-existence, religious tolerance and cross-cultural dialogue.

Opera Gallery presents unique collection of artworks from Middle East
Taste of multi-art: Liverpool Arab Arts Festival returns to city
Lebanese star Haifa's movie censored in Egypt
‘Million’s Poet’ candidates face psychoanalysis
Istanbul beats 'most romantic city': Paris off the hot spot
US artist uncovers desert sculpture in Qatar
Tunisia plans to return stolen Mask of Gorgon to Algeria
Famous Lebanese artist arrives in UAE for poetry and music recital
Blood money in Iran directors hands to save a life
Opera Gallery presents unique collection of artworks from Middle East
Artists are carefully selected from different countries and cities ranging from Cairo to Tehran, Baghdad to Damascus, and Jerusalem to Istanbul.
Taste of multi-art: Liverpool Arab Arts Festival returns to city
Eclectic festival will cover plethora of cultural mediums and genres, with family activities, visual arts, film, performance, music, dance, food, interactive workshops.
Lebanese star Haifa's movie censored in Egypt
Egypt’s interim PM orders 'Halawet Rooh' off screens criticism over scenes deemed sexually provocative.
Displaced Syrian Christians celebrate Easter away from Maalula
Syrian Christians dream of return to Maalula which was retaken by government forces this week.
SZBA to be omnipresent at ADBIF
Winners of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award will join fully-fledged cultural programme during Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.
Storytelling telling through dramatic expression
Makari-Pausch starts 3-day workshop which is educational, entertaining, theatrical during Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival.
EURO 2020 set to polish Turkey’s tarnished image
Winning hosting of EURO 2020 semi-finals and finals would project Turkey in very different light and distract from widely criticised authoritarian turn Mr. Erdogan has taken in recent years.
Applications open for 6th academic year of Poetry Academy
Poetry Academy receives applications for 6th academic year kick off in mid-May with introduction of ‘student-researcher’ project.
‘Million’s Poet’ candidates face psychoanalysis
Dr. Nadia Bouhanad: We seek to help the participants improve their physical performance and reactions in the pending stages of poetry competition.
Black Box Cinema to cast light on Emirati film
Cultural programme to promote Emirati filmmaking movement, highlight literary, cultural influences on the genre will take centre stage at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.
Farewell Patrick Seale: Veteran Middle East expert passes away
Regular contributor to Middle East Online, British journalist Patrick Seale dies of brain cancer at age of 83.
Morocco women take fight for gender equality to Rabat streets
Participants carry banners demanding ‘review of discriminatory laws’, ‘women's safety in public places’, and ‘equality as right, not privilege.’