The Battle Over the Burkini
Across the globe, cultural norms often clash with individual expression, from topless beaches in secular societies to gender-segregation in some religious places, with today’s clash over Muslim burkinis, observes ex-CIA official Graham E. Fuller.
Russia’s Misplayed Hand with Iran
Iran’s annoyance that Russia over-played its hand in going public about its use of an Iranian airbase shows the risk of offending potential allies, a lesson that U.S. officials also need to learn, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.
Flawed US Iran Policy Breeds Backing for Islamic State
Having pulled all US troops out of Iraq without stabilizing the situation between the warring Sunni and Shia populations, the administration not only allowed Iran to continue to support and fund the most radical Shia factions and their militias but also gave the radical Dawa party’s Prime Minister Nouri Kamal al-Maliki the chance to suppress the Sunni minority, explains Daniel M. Zucker.
Obama Helped lay the Groundwork for Trump’s Thuggery
His refusal to prosecute torturers and his Wild West assassination of bin Laden show how moral complacency can all too easily degenerate into full-blown corruption, says Rochelle Gurstein.
Propaganda for Syrian ‘Regime Change’
Neocons and liberal hawks have poured millions of dollars into propaganda to justify “regime change” in Syria and are now desperate to keep the war going until President Hillary Clinton gets a chance to escalate, as Rick Sterling describes.
US Hawks Advance a War Agenda in Syria
The U.S. government, having illegally sent American troops into Syria, is now threatening to attack the Syrian military if it endangers those troops, an Orwellian twist that marks a dangerous escalation, explains Daniel Lazare.
Iran, South Korea to trade in Euros

Move will allow tradingpartners to circumvent US sanctions on dollar transactions with Iran.

Oil prices fall on Saudi doubt on output cut
Oil prices fall
Value of Syrian pound falls sharply against US dollar
Oil extends gains above $44
iPhones to get import OK in Iran
IEA cuts oil demand forecast for 2017
Terrorism takes its toll on tourist revenue at TUI
Oil prices build on strong gains from previous session
Iraq marshlands named UNESCO world heritage site

Area named is made up of seven sites: three archaeological sites and four wetland marsh areas in southern Iraq.

Muhammad Ali's family prepares funeral
Cannes spotlight on Iranian cinema
Palestinian museum to open without exhibition
Peshmerga documentary makes late entry in Cannes
Egypt's turmoil comes to Cannes in a police van
Turkish satire tackles adoption at Cannes
Rabai al-Madhoun wins International Prize for Arabic Fiction
SZBA Annual Book Award ceremony to be held Sunday
Tehran prosecutor recommends tough new rules for concerts
Prosecutor recommends strict new rules for concerts in capital, saying police should record all events.
In Egypt, ecstatic pilgrims leave to perform hajj
Every year tens of thousands of Egyptians apply for visas to travel to Mecca to join more than a million Muslims from across the world.
Qatar buys stake in Empire State Building
Qatar's sovereign wealth fund buys 10 percent stake in company that owns New York's Empire State Building.
“Literature” and “Young Author” leading SZBA entries
Sheikh Zayed Book Award receives over 800 nominations ahead of deadline in October.
Qatar-Brazil time difference affects Olympics viewers
Qataris struggles with overnight Olympics as watching games has proved test of endurance that would not shame any modern-day athlete.
Children in Syria's Madaya in need of urgent medical help
Activists inside Madaya post video of Yaman on social media as part of plea for help for sick children amid food, medicine shortages.
Unlike France, Italy rules out burkini ban
Italian interior minister regards France's restrictions on Islamic clothing as counter-productive, says Italy wants home-trained imams.
Kuwait’s al-Deehani wins men's double trap as independent
Army officer Deehani, winner of Kuwait's only two previous Olympic medals, is first independent to win gold at an Olympics.
Egypt’s female weightlifter wins historic Olympic bronze
18-year-old Sara Ahmed becomes first female from Egypt to stand on Olympic podium with weightlifting bronze at Rio.
Dubai plane crash survivor hits $1m jackpot
In space of a week, Indian Khadar survived crash landing at Dubai airport then won $1 million in lottery organised by airport's duty free operator.
Iraqi soldier-boxer proud in Rio Olympic defeat
Abdulridha says he felt immense pride in fighting for Iraq on biggest stage despite losing to Mexico's Uziel Rodriguez.
Dream comes true for Iran female flagbearer, Zahra Nemati
Nemati, who was left paralyzed by a car accident, is hoping others in similar situation will follow her path.