Trump’s Trouble with the Truth
Although occasionally blurting out inconvenient truths, President Trump has established an early record of remarkable falsehoods, raising doubts about his grasp of reality, says Lawrence Davidson.
Risks in Rush to Crush ISIS
President Trump’s vow to crush the Islamic State quickly may lead to hasty actions that could compound the problem rather than solve it, notes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.
The Lebanese Have Shown a Humanity the West Could Learn From
The country has absorbed at least 1.5 million Syrian refugees, about 30% of the estimated total and equal to one-third of its own population. During 2016, there were more Syrian babies born in Lebanon than Lebanese ones, stresses Gareth Smyth.
War on ISIS More Complicated Than Trump Says
The fight to exterminate ISIS is going to be a very difficult because the solution is not purely a military one, explains Claude Salhani.
Is There a Trump in the House to Speak Up For Muslims?
A Trump lobbyist is greatly needed for American Muslims, too. Anti-Muslim attacks are on the rise across the United States, says Rashmee Roshan Lall.
Angst in the Church of America the Redeemer
Under the circumstances, it’s easy to forget that, back in 2003, David Brooks of the New York Times and other members of the Church of America the Redeemer devoutly supported the invasion of Iraq. They welcomed war. They urged it. They did so not because Saddam Hussein was uniquely evil -- although he was evil enough -- but because they saw in such a war the means for the United States to accomplish its salvific mission, stresses Andrew J. Bacevich.
Riyadh laying groundwork for Aramco IPO

At closer examination, bond sales seem as much in­tended to satisfy transparency concerns prior to Aramco’s international public offering (IPO) scheduled for next year.

Investors wary of Egypt return despite reforms
Saudi petroleum giant SABIC's net profits fall in 2016
Russian, Libyan state oil giants sign deal
China oil giant signs $1.77 billion Abu Dhabi deal
Tech-savvy Beirut to become regional gateway
Oman expects further output cuts from non-OPEC countries
Electric car manufacturer Tesla takes on Gulf gas guzzlers
OPEC countries complying ‘almost fully’ with output cut
Palmyra busts returned to Syria after restoration in Italy

Two funeral busts recovered by Syrian troops had been badly disfigured by Islamic State jihadists with what appeared to be hammer blows.

Geologists demand return of Moroccan 'Nessie'
Film on Syria's White Helmets wins Academy Award
The art of reimagining the value of nothing
British Museum training Iraqi archaeologists to save heritage
Prince of Poets returns to Al Raha Beach theatre
Avant-garde mosque preaches coexistence in Lebanon
Gates of the Medina offer view of Tunis's history and architecture
Tradition celebrated at Emirati desert festival
Asiacell to offer free access to Wikipedia in Iraq
Wikipedia to become available offline to 12 million mobile phone users in Iraq via carrier Asiacell which covers 99 percent of country's population.
Mahershala Ali becomes first Muslim actor to win Oscar
43-year-old actor wins best supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of drug dealer in coming-of-age drama "Moonlight".
Blend of authenticity, modernity at Caftan Fashion Night
Caftan Fashion Night has showcased ten young Moroccan designers, their elaborate collections of haute couture in Casablanca.
In Iraq's desert, horror of IS mass grave lies beneath
Despite being covered, sinkhole Khasfah brings sadness to those who remember atrocities of jihadists blindfolding, killing prisoners at 'place of death'.
First English library in Gaza to open window to world
With travel in and out of Gaza strip restricted by Israeli blockade, many turn to devouring literature as means of escape.
Saving the last two survivors of Mosul zoo
Animal welfare volunteers enter Mumtaz al-Nour zoo in war-ravaged eastern Mosul to rescue bear, lion that survived conflict with IS jihadists.
Meknes, the city of endless heritage
City of Meknes is Moroccan city of olives, mysticism, minarets, memorable gates and, above all, endless heritage.
UAE dealing with drone threats to aircraft
Dubai authorities are grappling with new ways of keeping emirate's skies safe after three airport closures last year.
Film on Palestinians living in Israel faces backlash
Arab director Maysaloun Hamoud says 'neither Israelis nor Palestinians' should 'feel good' after watching her controversial film.
Mapping a Palestinian camp in Lebanon
Burj al-Shamali's Palestinian refugee residents raised more than $16,000 in crowd-funding to finance community-led project to map their camp.
Bashiqa brings back booze to clear IS hangover
Known for its ethnic, religious diversity, Bashiqa was also considered Iraqi alcohol capital (of sorts) before IS swept in to take control in 2014.
Valentine's Day in eastern Mosul
Area of Iraq's Mosul from which Islamic State jihadists have been expelled sees celebration of 'love for our liberated city'.