The Music Says So: The Battle for Citizen Rights Will Be Won
Victory for freedom of expression and cultural pluralism is significant because it touches on the critical foundation of citizens expressing their views that we need to build in order to achieve the stable, prosperous, and humane societies, writesRami G. Khouri.
Trump’s Attempted Foreign Policy Makeover
The centerpiece of Trump’s presentation was a series of 5 criticisms of American foreign policy as it has been carried out of late. To those familiar with Trump’s standard stump speech, the litany was awfully familiar: We are overextended. We don’t win anymore. Our allies take advantage of us. Obama is bad to our friends. He bows to our enemies, points out James Carden.
The Pentagon’s Medal Inflation
Like grade inflation in college, the Pentagon has engaged in medal inflation, diluting awards for actual heroism by proliferating ribbons for bureaucratic skills, as Chuck Spinney and James Perry Stevenson explain.
Debacle at Doha
It is hard to overstate the significance of the Doha debacle. At the very least, it will perpetuate the low oil prices that have plagued the industry for the past two years, forcing smaller firms into bankruptcy and erasing hundreds of billions of dollars of investments in new production capacity, observes Michael T. Klare.
Requiem for American Foreign Policy Change
At that match for the political heavyweight crown, Hillary Clinton will be introduced as the Democratic Joan of Arc, champion of women and progressive knight-in-armor for the underdog. In turn, Donald Trump will be introduced as the savior needed by the Republic to fortify our borders and make sure that in a global economy America only entertains “good deals,” explains Ben Tanosborn.
The Real Meaning of Donald Trump
Donald Trump, in other words, is the first person to run openly and without apology on a platform of American decline, notes Tom Engelhardt.
Saudi construction giant lays off 77,000 foreign workers

Company official cited by Al-Watan daily says that as 77,000 Binladin Group workers have received exit visas to leave Saudi Arabia.

Iran, South Korea set to triple trade volume to $18 billion
Dubai property giant sees 17% profit rise in Q1 of 2016
Oil prices hit 2016 highs
Push of World Bank against poverty stops at Iran border
Qatar follows UAE in liberalisation of fuel prices
Saudi unveils far-reaching plan to transform oil-dependent economy
Report of possible Saudi oilfield expansion causes ‘market jitters’
New Governor of Turkey Central Bank makes debut with rate cut
Rabai al-Madhoun wins International Prize for Arabic Fiction

Palestinian author wins 'Arab Booker' for novel addressing Holocaust, Nakba and the creation of Israel.

SZBA Annual Book Award ceremony to be held Sunday
Banipal Magazine sheds light on ‘Sudanese Literature Today’
ADIBF to screen 18 films from 10 Arab countries in Black Box Cinema
Zayed Award Selects Amin Maalouf for Cultural Personality of the Year Award
SZBA unveils winners of its tenth edition
“Elegy on a Man of Culture and Thoughtfulness: Mohammad Khalaf Al Mazrouei” out now
ADIBF announces rich programme of events
Syria monastery once symbol of tolerance reduced to rubble
French journalist reveals details of jihadist cell infiltration
Journalist carried out investigation for documentary entitled ‘Allah's Soldiers’ which gives insight into minds of young jihadists.
Al Gharbia Watersports Festival animates quiet Mirfa
Fishing town of Mirfa is enjoying economic boom during 10 days of Al Gharbia Watersports Festival.
Jordan bans Lebanese rock band, Mashrou' Leila
Mashrou' Leila is known internationally for violin-laced pop music, with songs often tackling controversial subjects.
Real Madrid trains coaches in Palestinian refugee camps
Spanish club has been sending trainers to pass on their skills to coaches in joint programme with UNRWA.
Dubai to open world’s largest indoor theme park
IMG Worlds of Adventure park includes one section centered on Marvel Comics and another branded by Cartoon Network.
ADIBF kicks off next week
1,260 exhibitors from 63 countries, 600 authors, 20 artists will take part in 26th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.
UAE businessman launches largest Arab education fund
Abdulla al-Ghurair Foundation for Education says it plans to provide scholarships for 15,000 Middle Eastern students over next 10 years.
'Hijab Day' at Paris university sparks bitter debate
Students' Facebook page says those agreeing to put on veil will ‘experience stigmatisation experienced by veiled women in France.’
Banipal Magazine sheds light on ‘Sudanese Literature Today’
For first time in Banipal’s history, almost entire issue has been given over to voices of writers from Sudan.
Destroyed by ISIS, Palmyra arch rises again in London
Six-metre tall scale recreation of Triumphal Arch is made of Egyptian marble, was carved in northern Italian region of Tuscany.
No sign of Saudi austerity at Riyadh Jewellery Salon
Global collapse in crude prices has put pressure on Riyadh to cut spending and to diversify economy away from oil reliance.
Watch out for undercover morality crime agents in Tehran
Iranian capital has 7,000 undercover morality crime agents whose job is to inform police of alleged moral transgressors in Iran.