Clinton Repackages Her Syrian ‘No-Fly’ Plan
In a surprise twist, Hillary Clinton dramatically revised her scheme for a “no-fly zone” over Syria, presenting it as a subject for negotiation with Syria and Russia, reports Robert Parry.
Israel’s Bogus History Lesson
In a sign of the prevailing mood, Israel’s education ministry has recently banned from the curriculum two novels featuring romantic attachments between Jews and Arabs. At the same time, the “green line” that once demarcated the occupied Palestinian territories has been erased from Israeli classroom maps, implying instead that it is all Greater Israel, notes Jonathan Cook.
Changed calculations between Israel and Hezbollah
Israelis are convinced they would win next war but they acknowledge that cost in would be much greater than any of six major wars and countless smaller engagements, reports Ed Blanche.
The Common Test facing Mosul, Iraq, and the Entire Arab World
Mosul and Iraq capture many of these problems, and so also clarify the big tests to come, as we appreciate better when examining how we got here. The fact that Mosul was taken over by ISIS forces two summers ago without a serious fight from any Iraqi armed forces, police, or citizens captures the low point of Iraq’s dysfunctional statehood since the Anglo-American war on it in 2003, observes Rami G. Khouri.
Congress Sinks to New Depths
The sad state of American democracy – from the presidential race to Congress – is easy to lament as something beyond correction, but change is possible if the electorate starts taking citizenship seriously, says Mike Lofgren.
Muslims for Trump: more than you might think
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has angered Muslims internationally, yet survey suggests 7% of American Muslims could vote for him, reports Ibraheem Juburi.
Dubai group completes $2.4 billion purchase of Kuwait food firm

Investment firm Adeptio, Kuwait's Al-Khair National for Stocks and Real Estate sign deal for 66.8% stake in food company Americana, worth 711.5 million Kuwaiti dinars.

Saudi raises $17.5 billion in first international bond offering
Libya's economy heading towards collapse
Saudi Arabia plans up to $17.5 billion in first bond issue
Saudi chemical giant SABIC reports 6.8% fall in Q3 profit
Iran oil production to reach 4 million bpd by March 2017
Kuwait's NBK net profit soars in third quarter
DP World Group invests in futuristic Hyperloop train
Turkey, Israel discuss building gas pipeline in fresh talks
Lebanon slaps ban on three films at international festival

Festival director says ‘it’s unfortunate that political considerations interfere in arts and culture.’

Iraq marshlands named UNESCO world heritage site
Muhammad Ali's family prepares funeral
Cannes spotlight on Iranian cinema
Palestinian museum to open without exhibition
Peshmerga documentary makes late entry in Cannes
Egypt's turmoil comes to Cannes in a police van
Turkish satire tackles adoption at Cannes
Rabai al-Madhoun wins International Prize for Arabic Fiction
Libya's economy heading towards collapse
Experts warn Libyan economy is on brink of collapse due to political stalemate, conflict that are preventing country from exploiting its vast oil resources.
Malala urges Muslims to unite against wars
Nobel Peace Prize winner says she ‘cannot stop thinking of those 500,000 children in Mosul right now under threat to be used as human shields.’
Trump gets two fingers from most unlikely of places: Tokyo catwalk
Umit Benan, Turkish designer born in Germany, makes his debut at Japan Fashion Week by transforming Asian city runway into Texan desert.
Uber sees contrasting results in Saudi, UAE
Opposition from UAE government to Californian taxi app giant contrasts greatly with warm welcome from Saudi officials, who hail Uber as aid to increased employment, rights for women.
Syrian girls pushed into child marriage in Lebanese refugee camps
Syrian girls are often forced to enter marriages with non-Syrian men, isolating them from both their families, culture, increasing their risk of being trafficked.
Moroccan equestrian art ‘tbourida’ reenacted
Tribal wars are over, but military parade rituals live on at ‘Salon de Cheval’ show, demonstrating stylistic beauty, knowhow of 13th century Moroccan cavalryman in reenactment spectacle.
Burj Khalifa to glow pink for cancer awareness
Lights will be turned on late Thursday and for next two days, and then on same days in following weeks, to mark Pink October.
Iran football fans banned from expressing joy during match
On eve of important mourning day for Shiite Muslims, home fans at match in Tehran between Iran, South Korea to pay respects by remaining sombre, wearing black.
Saudi female designers steal limelight at Dubai fashion week
Chief executive of British Fashion Council describes Saudi designers' collections as ‘very different in terms of style but very open.’
Canadian designer breaks gender boundaries at Dubai show
Hourani’s revolutionary unisex garments are showcased in Middle East for first time ever.
Arab Fashion Week designer channels carnival vibes
Emirati designer Lamya Abedin combines Muslim modesty, flamboyant fabrics and circus music in new collection “Voyage of the Carnival”.
Syrians facing racism in east Germany mull leaving
Some Syrians say they have experienced so much animosity in east Germany that they are contemplating leaving one year after arriving in Germany to seek refuge from war.