The American Cult of Bombing
As the US heads into another round of bombing in Iraq, already promised to last for “months,” William J. Astore explores the American cult of both the bomber and of bombing. After all, as he points out, if anyone had predicted in the 1980s (when Washington was an ally of Iraq) that four American presidents in a row would order the repeated bombing of that country, you would have thought that person mad.
Can Abadi Survive Washington’s Political Games?
The pressure on the Iraq military and through subversion will deepen the Iraqi nightmare. Replacing Maliki with Abadi is just a deceitful political game. Only naïve people believe in its good intentions, writes Abbas J. Ali.
The Riddle of Citizen Views on Arab Statehood
The advent of the IS and apparent adherence to it by some Sunni tribes in Syria and Iraq is the latest attestation of the fickle and thin nature of citizen allegiance to the contemporary centralized Arab state, argues Rami G. Khouri.
Obama’s Iraq Policy: Passing the First Hurdle
With Nouri al-Maliki agreeing to step aside in favor of Haider al Abadi, Iraq may have passed its first hurdle on the way to forming the kind of government that will be needed to defeat the Islamic State, argues James Zogby.
Back into Iraq, Again
As the US military returns to Iraq, Official Washington won’t tolerate a serious examination of the back story of the crisis, which began with the US invasion of Iraq and continued with covert support of Sunni rebels seeking to overthrow Syria’s government, now returning to Iraq. Instead, its more hype and deception, says Danny Schechter.
Giving Israel a Pass on Civilian Deaths
The Obama administration, which touts its “responsibility to protect” civilians when it wants to intervene somewhere in the world, went silent when Israel engaged in massive attacks on civilian targets in Gaza, killing hundreds of non-combatants including many children, notes Gareth Porter for Inter Press Service.
Dubai real estate giant to repay debt four years ahead

It will repay 31 banks, 10 from UAE, 21 from overseas.

New weapon in heated Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Boycott!
Multi-national Arab Bank on trial for supporting terror
Violence-hit Libya gradually boosting oil output
Iraq oil industry: Violence hurts but bottlenecks hurt more
All quiet in oil market
Iran curbs inflation
International airlines steer clear of Iraq airspace
Oil prices recover on possible US air strikes on Iraq
Another casualty of conquest and conflict in Gaza: Cultural heritage

Centuries of conquest and conflict, and rapid population growth since creation of Israel in 1948 have hit enclave's cultural heritage badly.

Massive Attack in solidarity with Gaza children
Turkey politicians denounce calls for boycott of Jewish writer
2011 Libyan rebellion comes to Sarajevo
Nizwa gears up for 2015 cultural feast
UAE shines at Tan-Tan Moussem Festival
Nostalgia at its height: Syrian refugees recreate home in UAE
UAE, Morocco’s Sahraoui culture, heritage meet in Tan-Tan art exhibition
Abu Dhabi Festivals’ Committee unveils ‘Turathuna’
Social media or how do jihadists spread fear worldwide?
In recent years, platforms like Twitter have given jihadists unprecedented, unfiltered ability to intimidate opponents and recruit members.
Over 120 Emirati Companies taking part in ADIHEX 2014
12th edition of International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition witnesses great increase in number of local exhibitors.
Gaza war puts sporting boycott of Israel back on front burner
Stakes for Israel and Palestinians are high. Israel cannot afford to become international outcast while Palestinians see anti-Israeli sentiment as opportunity to further their cause.
‘Love triumphs over all’ – including racism in Israel
He is Muslim, she is Jewish and they had no way of knowing that their union would become catalyst for nationwide tensions.
Borderfree Community Center spells hope in war-torn Afghanistan
Center is named for Prof. Noam Chomsky’s call, in 2013 American University of Beirut commencement speech, for participation in 'worldwide struggle to preserve global commons.'
Water shortages add to miseries of life in Gaza
Spokesman for UNRWA says there are water shortages not only in shelters for displaced but across entire enclave.
Dubai turns away world’s most pierced man over ‘Black Magic’ concerns
Rolf Buchholz has been barred from Dubai, where he was turned back at airport on his way to hotel appearance.
Al Jazeera America faces trial on fraud charges
Former US vice president files lawsuit claiming owners of Al-Jazeera America took back $65 million placed in escrow for sale of his cable channel.
Another casualty of conquest and conflict in Gaza: Cultural heritage
Centuries of conquest and conflict, and rapid population growth since creation of Israel in 1948 have hit enclave's cultural heritage badly.
Gulf states discuss precautions against Ebola ahead of hajj pilgrimage
Pilgrimage draws two million people to Saudi Arabia each year, including many from West African countries affected by Ebola outbreak.
In Emergency: Violence in Afghanistan ‘worse than ever’
‘Emergency’ isn’t just an apt description of hospital’s cases; it’s also name of Italy-based charity that runs war hospitals and clinics across Afghanistan.
And the winner of prestigious math prize is: Maryam Mirzakhani from Iran
Iranian-born mathematician becomes first woman to win prestigious global prize known as Fields Medal.