Lavishing Money on the Pentagon
It seems like it’s always Christmastime at the Pentagon where the stockings are full and budget-cutting is for those domestic social-program guys, as Jonathan Marshall explains.
Trump’s Illegal Syrian Mission Creep
Even as the Islamic State’s “caliphate” in Syria collapses, the US government is keeping about 2,000 soldiers in-country despite lacking any legal right to be there, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar discusses.
Belfour Declaration and Israeli Violations of International Law
Despite the violations of international law by Israeli occupational force, the country has backing of the western powers, including United States, Britain, and their allies, says Suha Aljundi.
Jerusalem Announcement Heaven-Sent for Erdogan
The Jerusalem issue is a useful card Erdogan can play with Islamist constituencies at home and abroad, explains Yavuz Baydar.
Is Trump serving US interests or Russia’s?
With a stroke of a pen Trump undermined the Middle East peace process and placed American diplomats and military personnel in the area in great peril, points outClaude Salhani.
Iraq’s Ruling Shia Alliance Unravels Months Ahead of Elections
For members of his faltering coalition, Abadi is not so much a threat as a liability in the way of PMU candidates, says Nazli Tarzi.
Lebanon's central bank governor says crisis boosted confidence

Riad Salameh expects 'more confidence' in Lebanon's economy, as countrymaintained monetary stability during crisis of Hariri's resignation.

Egypt’s rising bank deposits offer little help to investment climate
Somalia's budget meets IMF terms
Turkey lira pressured after modest rate hike surprises markets
Gulf states follow US interest rate rise
Saudi King says determined to confront corruption
Turkey economy grows 11.1% in third quarter
$300-billion Saudi state sell-off moves at snail's pace
UAE hopeful of OPEC deal on extending production cap
Al Dhafra Festival kicks off

Over 90,000 visitors are expected to attend 11th edition of Al Dhafra Festival this year on outskirts of Madinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi.

‘Let’s Write in Baghdad’ incarnates hopes and dreams of Iraqi children
Saudi crown prince ‘bought’ $450 mn Da Vinci
Hiba Tawaji dazzles Riyadh in first women-only concert
Da Vinci sold for $450 mn heading to Louvre Abu Dhabi
Istanbul district bans gay film festival
Abjjad, the Arab world’s first virtual reading space
Egypt pop diva faces trial for disparaging Nile river
51 years on, Carthage Film Festival still popular
Al Dhafra Festival kicks off
Over 90,000 visitors are expected to attend 11th edition of Al Dhafra Festival this year on outskirts of Madinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi.
Palestinian Christians condemn US position on Jerusalem
Trump's decision, however, finds strong backing from US evangelicals hoping for biblical apocalypse when Jews colonise Palestine.
South Sudan’s Ganyiel a “haven of peace”
In war-torn South Sudan, rebel-held town, which is accessible only by plane or boat, nurtures small-scale peace.
Archaeological exhibitions showcase Saudi heritage
The “Archaeological Discoveries Exhibition,” featuring 44 historical objects recently unearthed, drew the largest crowd.
Da Vinci sold for $450 mn heading to Louvre Abu Dhabi
UAE museum tweets Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi is coming to Louvre Abu Dhabi.
Award-winning Syrian teen pleads for 'a chance to prove ourselves'
Mohamad al-Jounde says he hopes Syrians will be treated 'as normal people, not as refugees or immigrants.'
Squash proves unusual godsend for displaced Syrian girl
Young Syrian girl living in Jordan camp picks up squash racquet thanks to US charity, dreams of becoming world champion.
Hanaa Malallah, one of Baghdad’s foremost artists exhibits in London
The exhibition features four of Malallah’s self-portraits from 1989 revealing an intelligent, probing and perhaps a tragic person.
Comic art, performance to reshape entertainment scene in Saudi Arabia
“The aim is to promote Saudi cultural identity through the varied and meaningful com­edy arts and seize this chance to present the young talents and develop creative abili­ties”
Jerusalem builds underground cemetery to meet demand
Jewish belief that resurrection of dead will commence in Jerusalem during end of times is big challenge for city’s burial societies who are now looking underground.
In Jerusalem, Muslim keeps key to Jesus' tomb
Centuries ago, the imposing iron key to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was entrusted to one of Jerusalem's most prominent Muslim families.
Istanbul anglers remember when fish were plenty
Sight of thousands of amateur anglers crammed shoulder-to-shoulder on Galata Bridge is, for many, one of the iconic images of Istanbul.