Sisi urges Egyptians to vote, denies excluding rivals

President to run against sole candidate whose half-hearted campaign poses no threat after more heavyweight rivals are sidelined or detained.

Cairo voters show unwavering support for native son Sisi

36 jihadists killed in Egypt’s Sinai

Egypt tries to contain Sudan but challenges, suspicions remain

UK tries to soothe Egyptian anger over mob attack death

No room for debate in Egyptian elections

Egypt expects tourism upsurge ahead of vote

Qatar’s BeIN media slams Egypt court fine

Egypt debates bill to toughen penalties on artefact theft, smuggling

Adapting to water shortages, Egypt reduces rice cultivation

Church licensing still a prickly issue in Egypt

Egyptian sumo wrestler 'asked to quit' after causing accident

In Egypt, calls grow for boycott of Turkish goods

Detained Egypt TV host released on bail

Egypt state TV presenter held for 'defaming police'

Riyadh, Cairo to activate $16 billion investment fund

4 soldiers, 10 jihadists killed in Egypt Sinai

Egypt court voids rulings on Saudi island transfer

Media under official scrutiny ahead of Egypt poll

Omar Amin’s ‘Vanished Library’ that goes on giving

Saudi Crown Prince to visit Egypt

Egypt president says 'defaming' army is treasonous

At least 10 dead in Egypt train collision

Egypt’s prosecutor wants action against ‘false news’ media outlets

Egyptians facing economic woes not seeing fruit of reforms

Cairo optimistic about Israel gas deal but Egyptians wary

Egypt presidential race starts with Sisi likely to win

Egypt sentences 21 to death for planning attacks

Blockaded Gaza Strip forced to pump sewage into sea

Egyptian court adds leading government critic on terror list

Cairo sheds Ottoman-era street names amid Egypt-Turkey crisis

Maghreb countries wary about jihadists relocating from Iraq, Syria

Israel’s gas contract with Egypt: deal or no deal?

Israel strikes 'historic' gas contract with Egypt

Three Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai

Egypt arrests ex-presidential candidate

Egypt remands in custody former anti-corruption chief

Egypt arrests aide to sidelined presidential candidate

Rights groups say Egypt presidential poll ‘neither free nor fair’

10 militants killed in Egypt army operation in Sinai


Arab women artists in diaspora focus on identity and loss

There is a sense of melancholy in the work of Arab women artists in the diaspora.

Mohamed Salah, a football player with impact beyond stadiums

Salah has become one of the most prominent Arab and Muslim representatives in Europe.

Suleman’s ‘The Fabric of Life’ showcases social history of textile in the Middle East

Suleman has raised the status of textiles, which she says have been underrated.

All-female vocalists band seeks to revive Egypt’s art of monologue

Funding is one of the biggest challenges Bahgaga faces.

Egypt unveils tomb of ancient priestess

Tomb on Giza plateaufrom Old Kingdom's Fifth Dynasty (2465-2323 BC) was built for Hetpet, priestess to Hathor the goddess of fertility.

Bab al-Wazir, an authentic testimony to Cairo’s unique Islamic heritage

The alleyways, the homes, the buildings and the names of places have remained the same since they were constructed.

Egypt prepares for return of Russian tourists

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on January 4 for the resumption of flights between Moscow and Cairo.

Dervish troupe preserves Sufi tradition in Egypt

The rite of dance, chant of Sufi poems and music help the Mawlawis get closer to God.

Historic Cairo bookshop struggles to cope with changing times

When it opened its doors in 1928, Cairo’s Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop was the first of its kind in the whole Arab region.

Arab craft glitters through generations in Columbia

Arab tradition of crafting fine jewellery taught to Spaniards which took it to isolated Mompox where generations of goldsmiths maintain ancient method.

Egypt's wheat supply bears the brunt of angry inspectors

Traders say ban on expenses-paid foreign trips has backfired as inspectors are now rejecting cargoes at Egyptian ports on arbitrary, unpredictable grounds.