Iraq urges FIFA to lift ban on hosting internationals

Iraq hopes that hosting Gulf football friendlies, renovating its stadiums, outlawing weapons at matches will have persuaded FIFA to lift ban on home competitive internationals.

Lebanese president makes landmark visit to Iraq

Maghreb countries wary about jihadists relocating from Iraq, Syria

IS kills 25 Iraqi militiamen near Kirkuk

Iraq orders deportation of French jihadist

Battle to free Mosul of IS 'intellectual terrorism'

Senior IS leader extradited to Iraq from Turkey

Nations pledge nearly $25 billion toward Iraq's reconstruction

Tillerson urges allies to focus on fighting IS

War-battered Iraq 'open for investors'

Can Iraq’s ailing economy liberate itself in 2018?

Idlib 'IS-free' after surrender of last holdout

Iraq targets output of 7 million oil barrels per day

IMF chief encourages Arab countries to rein in spending

Iraq needs $88.2 billion for reconstruction

After ISIS black flags, Iraq faces ‘White Banners’ threat

Iraq seeks $100 bln to reconstruct transport, agriculture, oil sectors

Suicide bombing kills one in Iraq’s Ramadi

Tajikistan grants amnesty for over 100 Syria, Iraqi returnees

Iraqi army moves to secure planned oil route to Iran

Jordan OKs construction of oil pipeline from Iraq

Iraq publishes list of most wanted fugitives

Iraq’s bid to boost oil production faces challenges

We have had elections in Iraq, now we need democracy

World Bank aims to tackle Baghdad water shortages

Iraq to build oil refinery in Fao with Chinese firms

Iraq’s alliances uncertain ahead of elections

Eight dead as US strike hits Iraq forces

Mass grave found in Iraq’s Kirkuk

Kurds abandoned by Western powers, again

Interpol returns ex-minister wanted for corruption to Iraq

Three French female jihadists face possible death penalty in Iraq

Iraqi, Kurdish leaders hold talks on bitter regional dispute

Tribal feuds spread fear in Iraq's Basra

Iraq PM launches online appeal for election allies

Iraq signs deal with BP to develop Kirkuk oil fields

IS poses threat to Iraq one month after 'liberation'

Britain to put women at heart of peace work in Iraq, Nigeria, South Sudan

Minorities in north Iraq look to post-jihadist future

Double suicide bombing shakes in Baghdad


Baghdadi Museum of Folklore celebrates the old ways of Iraq

Museum offers a nostalgic journey into past daily life of Baghdadis.

Iraq’s female weightlifters easing family’s financial burden

Young women of Iraq’s national weightlifting team work tirelessly in Baghdad’s conservative Shiite neighbourhood to bring home medals, money.

Teachers in Mosul learn to cope with traumatised pupils

Dozens of Iraqi teachers have gathered at university for guidance on how to heal their students' mental scars months after brutal IS rule in devastated city.

Hanaa Malallah, one of Baghdad’s foremost artists exhibits in London

The exhibition features four of Malallah’s self-portraits from 1989 revealing an intelligent, probing and perhaps a tragic person.

Private higher education in Iraq is expensive, quality questionable

Despite conflict and political instability, the number of private higher learning facilities has soared in Iraq since 2003.

Olivier Sarbil’s Mosul documentary sheds different light on front line

The film teaches that wars aren’t lost or won; they are a series of chess moves that can easily go belly up.

Arab craft glitters through generations in Columbia

Arab tradition of crafting fine jewellery taught to Spaniards which took it to isolated Mompox where generations of goldsmiths maintain ancient method.

Ethical questions raised over shock Iraq torture photos

Ali Arkady’s award-winning brutal series of pictures taken last year while embedded with members of Iraqi special forces unit spark ethical dilemmas.

Urgent action needed for water sustainability in MENA

More than 60% of Middle East and North African region’s population lives in areas with high or very high water stress.

Iraq stamping down on graft

Iraqi authorities have set their sights on fighting against senior officials who have acted with total impunity to line their own pockets.

Kurds: one stateless people across four countries

Kurdish ambitions of unified nation are seen as threat to main host countries.