IS propaganda channels fall quiet in 'unprecedented' hiatus

IS uses messaging application Telegram to broadcast daily updates, normally posting more than dozen messages each day.

Outrage in Iraq over 'child marriage' bill

Iraq launches operation to clear last IS holdouts from desert

Iraq attacks at lowest since 2014

Car bomb in northern Iraq kills at least 24

Anti-IS coalition strikes drop to lowest number

Revolt in US State Department over child soldier law

Iraq top court declares Kurd referendum unconstitutional

'Caliphate' in tatters but IS still a threat

Fears of bombs, IS cells still haunt Mosul

Iraq retakes Rawa, last town held by IS

Israel PM offers quake aid to arch foe Iran

Russia posts video game image as evidence of US aiding IS

US will stay in Syria, Iraq until talks progress

UAE expects oil producers to extend production cuts

Over 300 killed in Iran-Iraq border quake

Post-Barzani KRG may turn sour for Ankara

Abadi says IS cost Iraq over $100 billion

Shiites mark Arbaeen in holy city of Karbala

Shiite pilgrims celebrate holy day, IS defeat

Syrian forces retake last IS-held town

Macron says ‘not the end’ despite pending IS defeat

Iranian pilgrims descend on Iraq

Kirkuk archbishop says Iraq needs ‘Marshall Plan’

Iraqis recall hell in open-air prison under IS

Iraq cabinet plans to slash Kurdistan share in 2018 federal budget

Anti-IS forces converge on Syria border town

Iraq forces defeat IS jihadists in town of Al-Qaim

Iraqi forces recaptures crossing on Syria border from IS

Iraqi forces enter IS-held Al-Qaim

IS executed 741 civilians during Mosul battle

Kurds offer joint Kurdish-Iraqi deployment at crossing with Turkey

Turkish troops, Kurdish militants clash near Iraqi border

Iraq needs ‘stability’ to defeat ISIS

Iraq to hold parliamentary elections May 15

Iraqi forces advance to edge of final IS bastion Al-Qaim

Iraqi army takes control of Turkey border from Kurds

Kurdish journalist killed in Iraq's disputed Kirkuk

Barzani to step down as president of Iraq’s Kurdish region

Kurdish parliament to redistribute Barzani powers


Private higher education in Iraq is expensive, quality questionable

Despite conflict and political instability, the number of private higher learning facilities has soared in Iraq since 2003.

Olivier Sarbil’s Mosul documentary sheds different light on front line

The film teaches that wars aren’t lost or won; they are a series of chess moves that can easily go belly up.

Arab craft glitters through generations in Columbia

Arab tradition of crafting fine jewellery taught to Spaniards which took it to isolated Mompox where generations of goldsmiths maintain ancient method.

Ethical questions raised over shock Iraq torture photos

Ali Arkady’s award-winning brutal series of pictures taken last year while embedded with members of Iraqi special forces unit spark ethical dilemmas.

Urgent action needed for water sustainability in MENA

More than 60% of Middle East and North African region’s population lives in areas with high or very high water stress.

Iraq stamping down on graft

Iraqi authorities have set their sights on fighting against senior officials who have acted with total impunity to line their own pockets.

Kurds: one stateless people across four countries

Kurdish ambitions of unified nation are seen as threat to main host countries.

Rugby, a sport so new to Iraq

Devoted few nurture rugby in football-mad Iraq as young Iraqis train for Arab Rugby Sevens Championship in Jordan next month.

Book Review: ‘Why America Misunderstands the World’

Former member of the CIA Paul R. Pillar offers us nuanced historical explanations as to why the US consistently misunderstand the world.

International football legends to play exhibition in Iraq

September’s exhibition match in Basra set to feature former stars Crespo, Salgado, Rivaldo amongst others.

North African designers shine at the London Arabia Art and Fashion Week

Festival organiser Omar Bdour says he is proud to showcase Arab culture, heritage alongside British talents.