UN sets up probe of IS war crimes in Iraq

UN sets up team of investigators who will gather evidence on "war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide" for use in Iraqi courts.

Iraq attacks all remaining IS territory at once

Turkey, Iran and Iraq make joint threat against Kurd vote

Syrian Kurds to hold first local elections in federal push

Gemstone purchase essential for Najaf pilgrims

Will Turkey’s opposition to Kurdish state translate into action?

US ups the ante on Iraq Kurds

Scores of Iraqis missing during war against ISIS

What will become of Iraq’s Hawija after ISIS?

Multi-ethnic Kirkuk tense ahead of referendum

Erdogan demands Iraqi Kurds call off referendum

Suicide attack on Iraq restaurant kills three

Turkey forces dig in on southern border ahead of Kurdistan vote

Police deploy in Kirkuk after deadly dispute

The Metamorphosis of Iraq’s Islamist parties

Iraqi supreme court halts Kurdish referendum

Turkish army starts military drill at Iraqi border

Syrian troops tighten noose around IS in Deir Ezzor

Tensions mount in Iraq, region ahead of Kurdistan referendum

Iraq Kurd MPs to vote on independence referendum

Death toll in Iraq attack rises to 84

52 dead including Iranians in Iraq attacks

Turkey refuses to budge on ‘erroneous’ Iraqi Kurdish vote

Kirkuk governor sacked over Kurd independence vote

Ankara warns against Iraqi Kurdish referendum move

Israel supports independent Kurdish state

Defiant Barzani vows to press on with Kurdish referendum

Iraqi MPs vote to oppose Kurdish referendum

1,400 foreign wives, children of suspected ISIS fighters held in Iraq

US-backed force launches new anti-IS assault in Deir Ezzor

Kurd rebels in Iraq mountains shrug off Turkey-Iran threats

Yazidi student hopes scholarship will boost education back home

Refugees fleeing conflict zones opt for war-torn Syria

IS flees to desert after string of deafeats

Seven dead as suicide bombers attack power plant in Iraq

Eid holiday dedicated to 'martyrs' in Iraq's Valley of Peace

Iraq faces massive challenges despite victories over IS

Iraq PM says entire Nineveh province retaken

MENA conflicts boost Bulgarian arms exports

Iraqi forces seek to finish al-'Ayadiya battle before Eid


Iraq stamping down on graft

Iraqi authorities have set their sights on fighting against senior officials who have acted with total impunity to line their own pockets.

Kurds: one stateless people across four countries

Kurdish ambitions of unified nation are seen as threat to main host countries.

Rugby, a sport so new to Iraq

Devoted few nurture rugby in football-mad Iraq as young Iraqis train for Arab Rugby Sevens Championship in Jordan next month.

Book Review: ‘Why America Misunderstands the World’

Former member of the CIA Paul R. Pillar offers us nuanced historical explanations as to why the US consistently misunderstand the world.

International football legends to play exhibition in Iraq

September’s exhibition match in Basra set to feature former stars Crespo, Salgado, Rivaldo amongst others.

North African designers shine at the London Arabia Art and Fashion Week

Festival organiser Omar Bdour says he is proud to showcase Arab culture, heritage alongside British talents.

War-trauma and torture victims from Syria, Iraq seek rehab in Lebanon

Restart has been treating more than 3,000 victims of torture and war trauma each year since the Syria crisis.

Separated by war, Iraqi children wait for parents

Adel remembers long trek on foot out of IS-held Hawijah as he, others made their way to Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region.

Ramadan TV drama on ISIS stirs mixed reactions

'The series does a wonderful job of revealing life inside ISIS recruitment camps,' says Egyptian cinema critic Tarek el-Shenawy.

Online campaign aims to refill Mosul’s ravaged libraries

ISIS destroyed more than 8,000 rare historical manuscripts for being blasphemous.

I AM, an exhibition by Arab women artists

After Amman, the I AM exhibition is to travel to London and Washington.