UN chief urges Arab leaders to confront Syria war

Guterres calls on ‘Arab unity’ in face of Syria’s on-going conflict, says intervention of ‘others’ contributing to instability.

Arab League set to oppose Trump Israel embassy shift

Arab League chief urges resolution to Syria conflict

Serious challenges for Arab leaders in Amman

Britain joins US in banning laptops on flights from Turkey, Arab world

IEA says OPEC abides by output cut

Anti-Muslim hate has gone mainstream in Europe

McMaster could lead to more predictable foreign policy

Oman’s Sultan Qaboos chooses a successor

Trump exacerbating ‘immense’ decline of rights in Arab world

Cyber attacks in Gulf countries on the rise

GCC geopolitics spike military sales at IDEX

Time bomb of unemployment among Arab youth

Rohani’s GCC visit barely makes waves

Trump fears may bring Iran, Gulf closer together

Iran's Rouhani crosses Gulf on tour to improve relations

Oman expects further output cuts from non-OPEC countries

GCC gears up for VAT in 2018

Arab League’s Hossam Zaki says much depends on ‘gathering of Arab will’

Jordan says Syria not invited to Arab summit

Arab League in dire financial straits

Arab countries face climate warming reality

Russia FM calls for Syria return to Arab League

No tears shed in GCC over Obama’s exit

Oman signs $1.2 billion deal with Nippon Steel to develop port

Arab League condemns fresh Israeli settlement plans

10 Guantanamo prisoners arrive in Oman

Gulf stock listings nosedive in 2016

Neutral Oman joins Saudi 'anti-terror' coalition

GCC condemns Egypt accusations of Qatar link to Cairo bomb

Britain wants ‘strategic partnership’ with GCC

British PM joins GCC summit for trade talks

OPEC output cut boosts oil price

Iran has sent 11 tonnes of heavy water to Oman

UN says Arab leaders must treat young people as asset not liability

Kerry in Oman for talks on efforts to end Yemen war

US officials: Iran boosting arms sales to Huthis via Oman

Rights groups call on Oman's Sultan to end ‘media crackdown’

Foreign Minister says Oman's Sultan Qaboos 'in good health'

Gulf, Turkish ministers condemn ‘indiscriminate’ attacks on Aleppo


UAE businessman launches largest Arab education fund

Abdulla al-Ghurair Foundation for Education says it plans to provide scholarships for 15,000 Middle Eastern students over next 10 years.

Explorers of Empty Quarter march toward Doha at end of desert trek

Three-man team walked from Salalah in southern Oman, through Saudi Arabia, to Doha, across vast stretch of uninhabited land.

Arab League condemns ‘hateful campaign’ against Qatar

League's General Assembly declares its ‘full support’ for Qatar's hosting of World Cup, which will be first tournament held in Arab country.

Crisis of unemployment: Over 30% of Arab youth jobless

Director general of Arab Labour Organisation says many graduates fail to find employment because their specialisations are not needed by private sector.

ECSSR concludes annual Conference on Shifting Roles, Interests and Alliances in Middle East

Conference participants emphasize unwavering importance of security of Middle East to international community.

Pakistan fines Qatar royal for hunting with falcons without permit

Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman bin Hamad does not have permits for three hunting falcons he brought into Pakistan.

UAE beats Iran to win right to host Asian Cup in 2019

It will be second time that UAE has organised continent's showcase tournamnent having previously staged it in 1996.

Gulf-Iranian proxy war spills onto the soccer pitch

Saudi-led proxy war against Iran playing out in Syria and Iraq expands onto soccer pitch with last minute decision by Palestinian national team to cancel friendly against Iran.

Land of true Arabian culture hopes to boost selective tourism

From desert camping to luxury hotels, Oman is hoping to carve out a place on global tourist track.

Well-loved Lebanese poet dies aged 102

Aql championed Lebanese nationalism, espousing contradictory views on politics in tumultuous Middle East.

Video game, e-commerce markets grow across MENA

Gaming market is expected to nearly triple in size, from $1.6 billion in 2014 to $4.4 billion in 2022.