Palestinians call for protests against Pence Jerusalem visit

Fatah faction of Palestinian president Abbas calls for day of protests in Jerusalem against visit of US vice-president.

Palestinian billionaire detained in Saudi Arabia

Egypt opens Rafah crossing for four days

Palestinian activist killed in Gaza protests

Palestinians killed in continuing protests over Jerusalem occupation

Israel PM questioned in graft probe

Pence to visit Middle East despite controversy

Hamas chief calls for continued Jerusalem protests

Israeli air strikes target Hamas military facilities

Erdogan urges world to recognise Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Palestinian Christians condemn US position on Jerusalem

Two Gazans killed by Israeli ‘strike’, Israel denies claim

US opinion views Muslims and Arabs more favourably but political affiliation makes a difference

Iranian conservative protesters say Trump hastening end of Israel

Senior Saudi prince blasts Trump's "opportunistic" Jerusalem move

Netanyahu expects EU to follow suit on Jerusalem

Bahraini civil society group criticised after Israel visit

Israel PM faces renewed pressure in Europe

Palestinian stabs Israeli guard in ‘terrorist’ attack

UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed says US Jerusalem decision could help terrorists

Fateh encourages more protests, refuses to meet Pence

Lebanese security forces fire tear gas at protestors

Israeli air strike kills 2 in Gaza

Isolated US defiant at UN Security Council

Putin to visit Turkey for talks on Jerusalem, Syria

Protests sweep Muslim world over Jerusalem

Thousands march in Istanbul to protest US Jerusalem move

Malaysians, Indonesians protest US move on Jerusalem

Clashes in West Bank over US Jerusalem move

Macron appeals for calm over US Jerusalem embassy move


Palestinian refugees see fashion products hit international shelves

300 women at Jerash Camp in occupied West Bank employed at work shop producing embroidered products destined for Paris, London boutiques.

Palestine leap frogs Israel in FIFA rankings

‘Historic achievement’ for Palestinian football as they go above Israel for first time following recent success.

Newly built Palestinian city offers new vision for life

$1.4 billion conception of Palestinian-American developer offers facilities, luxuries unseen anywhere else in occupied West Bank.

Arab craft glitters through generations in Columbia

Arab tradition of crafting fine jewellery taught to Spaniards which took it to isolated Mompox where generations of goldsmiths maintain ancient method.

Urgent action needed for water sustainability in MENA

More than 60% of Middle East and North African region’s population lives in areas with high or very high water stress.

Book Review: ‘Why America Misunderstands the World’

Former member of the CIA Paul R. Pillar offers us nuanced historical explanations as to why the US consistently misunderstand the world.

Rising Palestinian music stars delight London audience

The artists highlighted Palestinians’ suffering under Israeli occupation in many songs and musical compositions.

North African designers shine at the London Arabia Art and Fashion Week

Festival organiser Omar Bdour says he is proud to showcase Arab culture, heritage alongside British talents.

Ramadan TV drama on ISIS stirs mixed reactions

'The series does a wonderful job of revealing life inside ISIS recruitment camps,' says Egyptian cinema critic Tarek el-Shenawy.

TV series depicts Israel-Palestinian conflict

Television drama "Fauda" puts human faces on Israeli-Palestinian conflict in both Hebrew and Arabic.

Palestinian fashion designer inspired by traditional patterns

Natalie Tahhan breathes new life into tradition, replacing painstaking processes of cross-stitching, embroidery with a laptop computer, printed fabric.