US Senate votes on involvement in Yemen war as Saudi prince visits

Rare Senate vote addressing American war powers aims to shut down US military involvement in Yemen unless Congress formally authorizes continued involvement.

UN security council says Yemen conditions 'devastating' for civilians

Six family members killed in Yemen air strike

UK rolls out red carpet for Saudi crown prince

War leaves Yemenis unable to buy fuel

Royal welcome, noisy protests await Saudi crown prince on UK trip

Senators to force vote on US involvement in Yemen war

US threatens unilateral action against Iran after Russia UN veto

Russia pours cold water on UN bid to condemn Iran over missiles to Yemen

Bahrain activist sentenced to 5 years for Yemen tweets

Yemen government offensive threatens heritage site

Yemeni mother awaits death penalty for spying for UAE

IMF chief encourages Arab countries to rein in spending

UN says 22 Ethiopian migrants missing off Yemen

85,000 displaced in 10 weeks of raging violence in Yemen

Thousands of Yemeni dialysis patients at risk of death

Yemen loyalists retake southwestern town from rebels

Saudi intercepts Yemen rebel ballistic missile

Saudi, UAE envoys bid to end standoff in Aden

Yemenis recount horrifying battle for Aden

Saudi, UAE envoys bid to end standoff in Aden

Russia dismisses evidence of Iran-made missiles to Huthis

Yemen separatists seize de facto capital

Yemen separatists surround Aden presidential palace

14 soldiers killed in Yemen suicide attack

Saudi-led coalition calls for immediate ceasefire in Aden

Rival Yemenis battle for control of Aden

Yemen PM accuses separatists of coup attempt after HQ takeover

UN picks British former aid official as new Yemen envoy

Dozens killed in strikes on Yemen rebel heartland

Tillerson meets with British, Saudi, UAE FMs on Yemen

Russia calls for diplomatic solution to Yemen conflict

Saudi-led coalition to give $1.5 bln in Yemen aid

Yemen releases budget for first time in three years

More than 32,000 Yemenis displaced in intensified fighting

Rising Yemen currency sparks hopes of relief

Saudi to give Yemen government $2bn bailout

Saudi Arabia intercepts new Yemen rebel missile attack

UN says over 5000 children killed or injured in Yemen war

Yemen rebels free journalist detained since August


Arab women artists in diaspora focus on identity and loss

There is a sense of melancholy in the work of Arab women artists in the diaspora.

Suleman’s ‘The Fabric of Life’ showcases social history of textile in the Middle East

Suleman has raised the status of textiles, which she says have been underrated.

Arab craft glitters through generations in Columbia

Arab tradition of crafting fine jewellery taught to Spaniards which took it to isolated Mompox where generations of goldsmiths maintain ancient method.

Urgent action needed for water sustainability in MENA

More than 60% of Middle East and North African region’s population lives in areas with high or very high water stress.

Childhoods stolen by Yemen’s war

Children account for at least 1,712 of more than 8,500 killed so far since Saudi-led coalition intervention according to UNICEF.

North African designers shine at the London Arabia Art and Fashion Week

Festival organiser Omar Bdour says he is proud to showcase Arab culture, heritage alongside British talents.

Ramadan TV drama on ISIS stirs mixed reactions

'The series does a wonderful job of revealing life inside ISIS recruitment camps,' says Egyptian cinema critic Tarek el-Shenawy.

I AM, an exhibition by Arab women artists

After Amman, the I AM exhibition is to travel to London and Washington.

‘A Small Death’ by Saudi writer Mohamed Hasan Alwan wins IPAF Prize

Saudi novelist wins Arabic fiction award for tale of Sufi scholar's journey from 12th century Muslim Spain to Damascus broadening his view of human spirit.

Book Review: The Muslim world’s ‘struggle between faith and reason’

For centuries, Ottoman authorities threatened to execute anyone who published books.

Halla Walla: First Arab-inspired emojis app

Based in UAE, Bahraini Yasmine Rasool, 31, Japanese Eriko Varkey, 30, decide digital world needs emojis with Arab twist.