'Kind' Netanyahu condemns Gathafi 'for firing blindly on civilians'

Blind hypocrisy

JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday condemned the "appalling" violence in Libya, where protesters are trying to topple Moamer Gathafi.
"It's appalling what's happening in Libya, where a regime's army is firing blindly and intentionally on its own people," Netanyahu told a press conference with his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk.
"It requires a strong and clear condemnation from the civilised world and even more so from the democratic world," Netanyahu said.
The Israeli leader drew parallels between the actions of the Libyan regime and Iran's response to anti-government protests in 2009.
In both cases, he said, "the regime's security forces intentionally opened fire on protesters."
Human rights organisations have repeatedly accused Israel of indiscriminately firing at Palestinian civilians.
Gathafi's regime has met the most serious challenge to its 42-year rule with deadly force, in which at least 640 people have died according to the International Federation for Human Rights.