Saudi ambassador to Lebanon presents credentials

Michel Aoun (L) receiving the credentials of Walid al-Yaqub

BEIRUT - Saudi Arabia's new ambassador presented his credentials to Lebanon's president on Wednesday, a month after the crisis sparked by the Lebanese premier's mysterious resignation from Riyadh.
President Michel Aoun said in an online statement that he received the credentials of Walid al-Yaqub.
The move came days after Saudi Arabia agreed to the appointment of Fawzi Kabbara as the Lebanese ambassador.
Kabbara had been in Riyadh for five months and the delay had been interpreted by some observers as a sign of strained ties despite reassurances from the Lebanese foreign ministry.
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation on a Saudi-owned channel from Riyadh two months ago, in a move that caused widespread perplexity and fears of fresh chaos in Lebanon.
Amid speculation he was being held hostage by Saudi Arabia, a French-led diplomatic effort appeared to resolve the crisis and allowed Hariri to return to Lebanon where he withdrew his resignation.