ĎBrexití and the Democracy Myth
A referendum like Brexit can be a satisfying moment for an angry populace to vent its frustrations but ďyes or noĒ answers to complex questions can be dangerous for democracy, explains Daniel Lazare.
The Age of Disintegration
As Patrick Cockburn points out today, we have entered ďan age of disintegration.Ē And he should know. There may be no Western reporter who has covered the grim dawn of that age in the Greater Middle East and North Africa -- from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria to Libya -- more fully or movingly than he has over this last decade and a half.
Brexit and Trump: Populism or Manipulation?
The Brexit vote, like Donald Trumpís campaign, is less a populist uprising against the elites than a contest of one elite over another in manipulating popular sentiments, argues ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.
European Unionís Imperial Overreach
The European Unionís haughty and hasty expansion into low-wage Eastern Europe may be its undoing, as the Brexit vote shows popular resistance to the westward migration of workers that followed, writes Jonathan Marshall.
Brexit and the Diseased Liberal Mind
The Brexit vote is a huge challenge to the left to face facts. We want to believe we are free but the truth is that we have long been in a prison called neoliberalism. The Conservative and Labour parties are tied umbilically to this neoliberal order, writes Jonathan Cook.
Volleyball in Iran: A Litmus Test for Women's Rights
Iranian backtracking on earlier promises to lift the ban on women for international volleyball tournaments further calls into question whether engagement instead of boycott is the more effective approach, writes James M. Dorsey.
Alstom-led consortium awarded $2.88 billion Dubai metro extension

Dubaiís transport authority awards French-led consortium contract to extend its metro network to site of Expo 2020 world trade fair.

Fitch downgrades Bahrain's credit rating
Saudi Arabia, UAE downplay Brexit impact on banking sector
Oman raises $2.5 billion in bonds to meet budget deficit
Oil prices rebound after six-session sell-off
Iran Air taken off EU safety blacklist
Saudi opens retail sector to greater foreign investment
Abu Dhabi seeks $6.5bn in row with Malaysia's 1MDB
Oil prices fall around one percent in Asia
Muhammad Ali's family prepares funeral

Turkish president Erdogan among dignitaries expected to attend funeral of boxing hero Muhammad Ali.

Cannes spotlight on Iranian cinema
Palestinian museum to open without exhibition
Peshmerga documentary makes late entry in Cannes
Egypt's turmoil comes to Cannes in a police van
Turkish satire tackles adoption at Cannes
Rabai al-Madhoun wins International Prize for Arabic Fiction
SZBA Annual Book Award ceremony to be held Sunday
Banipal Magazine sheds light on ĎSudanese Literature Todayí
Qatar uses high-tech solution to find perfect pitch
Scientists at Qatar University create 3D-printed models of some of potential eight stadiums that will be used in 2022.
Iran cracks down on ĎWestern cultureí of canine ownership
Caring for dogs is haram (forbidden) according to religious leaders, says local prosecutor Mohsen Boosaidi.
Egypt inches towards return of militant fans to stadium terraces
Al Ahli matchagainst ASEC Mimosas Abidjan is however likely to be litmus test because it will be attended by 15,000 fans, highest number since ban was imposed on eve of the 2011 popular revolt.
Syrian Armenians resettle in ancestral homeland
18,000 members of Syrian Armenian community have found refuge in their ancestral home since civil war broke out in Syria in 2011.
First NBA Stores to open in Qatar
NBA, Qatari fashion company will partner in opening first NBA Stores in Middle East during 2016-17 league season.
50 young Saudis arrested over Ďun-Islamicí necklaces, haircuts
Suspects detained during Ramadan crackdown in Mecca for number of offences like strange haircuts, necklaces, head wraps, short clothes.
SZBA accepts nominations in five languages
Bin Tamim says adding new languages to nominations represents constructive step towards expanding circle of choice, quality of works selected in each cycle.
Algeria blocks social media sites to stop exam cheats
Police arrest dozens of people as part of investigation into how parts of 2016 high school exams were leaked onto social media.
Islamists brutally attack Radiohead fans in Turkey
Group of about 20 men accost, beat up customers, employees at Velvet IndieGround music store in Tophane district.
Abu Dhabi's Louvre surrounded by sea water
Half-billion-euro Louvre Abu Dhabi becomes museum 'on the sea' in major step towards completion of project.
'Gathafi's dagger' seized in Istanbul
Turkish police raid house of businessman in Esenyurt neighbourhood of Istanbul, confiscated jewel-encrusted ivory artefact.
'SpongeBob trousers' get Iran goalkeeper a ban
Makani has been suspended for six months for "inappropriate" conduct, including wearing of what media have dubbed "SpongeBob trousers."