Washington Fights Fire With Fire in Libya
Is the U.S. secretly training Libyan militiamen in the Canary Islands? And if not, are they planning to? Asks Nick Turse.
The Tale of Two Anniversaries: Pat Tillman and the Boston Marathon
The Army and the government can’t use the Tillmans like they use the Boston Marathon for the simple reason that the Tillmans refuse to be used, notes Dave Zirin.
Cure Rot by Exposing It to Fresh Air
Intellectual freak shows eventually lose their appeal, because they are exposed as hollow, false, and hurtful—not only to Muslims, but to American society and the world as a whole, stresses Rami G. Khouri.
Profiling Should End
The use of racial, ethnic, and religious profiling by law enforcement is un-American and should end. Targeting people for what they look like or because of their group characteristics is discrimination at its worst and a poor excuse for law enforcement, writes James Zogby.
Israel Celebrates the Return to Status Quo
Many Israelis, Netanyahu included, were never serious about seeking a two-state solution in the peace negotiations, stresses Eric Alterman.
Will Obama and Kerry Play Their High Cards Against Israeli Hardliners?
So far, it seems that Netanyahu is leaning toward the hardliners. But Livni’s courageous stand provides crucial cover for Kerry’s decision to blame Israel for the breakdown, reports Bob Dreyfuss.
Algeria finally opens its piggybank to lure back exiled youth

Algiers creates a fund offering up to $140,000 interest-free credit to unemployed under-35s looking to set up small, medium-sized businesses.

Libyan oil returns to export market after 8-month break
Iran taps into West anger against Russia with gas supply offer
Kuwait signs oil contracts worth $12 billion
Despite influx of cash, Egypt still needs more financial support
Etihad to outline offer to buy troubled Alitalia
Turkey outlook downgraded to 'negative'
Etihad boss meets Italian PM on Alitalia deal
Tunisia government running out of liquidity
‘Million’s Poet’ candidates face psychoanalysis

Dr. Nadia Bouhanad: We seek to help the participants improve their physical performance and reactions in the pending stages of poetry competition.

Istanbul beats 'most romantic city': Paris off the hot spot
US artist uncovers desert sculpture in Qatar
Tunisia plans to return stolen Mask of Gorgon to Algeria
Famous Lebanese artist arrives in UAE for poetry and music recital
Blood money in Iran directors hands to save a life
Saudi clerics demand Muslims not to watch ‘Islam-inspired’ cartoon
‘Abu Dhabi Oil Story’ released in UAE capital
Dubai Metro: To commute society with a touch of art along the way
Storytelling telling through dramatic expression
Makari-Pausch starts 3-day workshop which is educational, entertaining, theatrical during Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival.
EURO 2020 set to polish Turkey’s tarnished image
Winning hosting of EURO 2020 semi-finals and finals would project Turkey in very different light and distract from widely criticised authoritarian turn Mr. Erdogan has taken in recent years.
Applications open for 6th academic year of Poetry Academy
Poetry Academy receives applications for 6th academic year kick off in mid-May with introduction of ‘student-researcher’ project.
‘Million’s Poet’ candidates face psychoanalysis
Dr. Nadia Bouhanad: We seek to help the participants improve their physical performance and reactions in the pending stages of poetry competition.
Black Box Cinema to cast light on Emirati film
Cultural programme to promote Emirati filmmaking movement, highlight literary, cultural influences on the genre will take centre stage at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.
Farewell Patrick Seale: Veteran Middle East expert passes away
Regular contributor to Middle East Online, British journalist Patrick Seale dies of brain cancer at age of 83.
Morocco women take fight for gender equality to Rabat streets
Participants carry banners demanding ‘review of discriminatory laws’, ‘women's safety in public places’, and ‘equality as right, not privilege.’
Iraq Anbaris may lose refuge in virtually empty summer resort
Anbaris complain that many vacant apartments and hotel rooms are now not even being let in order to keep them available for lucrative summer trade.
Iran targets opposition figures in online game
Game allows players to "confront symbols of sedition" involved in disputed 2009 presidential election, shoot them.
Morocco's ‘possessed’ seek healing in Bouya Omar
Mentally ill await deliverance from their 'demons' by saint's supernatural powers, but rights groups allege gross mistreatment of those taken there.
Tunisia struggles to restore Star Wars desert set
Tourism Ministry teams up with several organisations to launch ‘Save Mos Espa’ campaign, aiming to raise 137,000 euros for restoration of site.
Abu Dhabi’s rich literary projects catalogued at London Book Fair
Abu Dhabi’s participation will shed light on prestigious Sheikh Zayed Book Award, Kalima translation project.