IS Back in Business
Emerging in an increasingly chaotic Middle East, the Islamic State profits from the region’s growing sectarianism, political vacuum and the ambivalence of the West, stresses Peter Harling.
Inside Fallujah: Crowded Cemeteries, Flattened Buildings And Potential Revolution
Getting into Fallujah is far from easy. One must pass through dozens of Iraqi army checkpoints followed by dozens of checkpoints manned by the gunmen who now control the city, writesMustafa Habib.
Now That The Guns Have Been Silenced
The invasion and reoccupation of Gaza could have ended Hamas’ provocations, its ability to fire thousands more rockets, and terrorizing of the Israelis, but the cost would have been enormous in blood and treasure, says Alon Ben-Meir.
Judging Israeli-Palestinian Demands
Neither side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict wants to accept a return to the status quo prior to the latest bloodshed, but there are differences between the reasonableness of the conflicting demands and how the world should see them, as John V. Whitbeck explains.
Seeking Accountability for Gaza
Israel and the Obama administration insist that Israel’s recent slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza was justified by indiscriminate rocket fire from the blockaded area, but some international law advocates think the disproportionate response justifies prosecution of Israeli and U.S. officials for war crimes, says Marjorie Cohn.
Is Hamas winning the Gaza war?
The effects of Hamas’ strategy are already evident on the ground. Beyond having been forced into a war of attrition, Israeli towns and settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip have turned a majority of their residents into internal refugees, notes James M. Dorsey.
Lufthansa resumes flights to Iraq’s Arbil

German airline says security situation in Iraq allows for safe flight operations to Iraqi Kurdish city.

Inflation concerns in Turkey: Central bank keeps interest rate steady
Arab World and Africa compete for key ITU post
Germany approves construction of tank factory in Algeria
World oil prices slide on easing supply strains
Dubai real estate giant to repay debt four years ahead
New weapon in heated Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Boycott!
Multi-national Arab Bank on trial for supporting terror
Violence-hit Libya gradually boosting oil output
Abu Dhabi publishes ‘Al Nahyan Poets’ collection

379-page collection comprises works of 17 poets from Al Nahyan Family along five centuries.

Another casualty of conquest and conflict in Gaza: Cultural heritage
Massive Attack in solidarity with Gaza children
Turkey politicians denounce calls for boycott of Jewish writer
2011 Libyan rebellion comes to Sarajevo
Nizwa gears up for 2015 cultural feast
UAE shines at Tan-Tan Moussem Festival
Nostalgia at its height: Syrian refugees recreate home in UAE
UAE, Morocco’s Sahraoui culture, heritage meet in Tan-Tan art exhibition
Saudi Arabia suspends labour visas for Ebola-hit nations
Deputy labour minister says ‘temporary suspension’ of labour visas from three Africa nations will not affect labour market.
Abu Dhabi publishes ‘Al Nahyan Poets’ collection
379-page collection comprises works of 17 poets from Al Nahyan Family along five centuries.
Syria ‘guests’ suffer as prejudice grows in Turkey
Some 285,000 Syrians are accommodated in refugee camps but far greater number of 912,000are now living in Turkish cities.
Morocco maintains regular flights to Ebola-hit nations
Royal Air Maroc is keeping up regular flights to three worst hit countries reflecting kingdom's constant commitment to Africa.
Is it ‘Mission Impossible’ to close off Morocco highway?
National authority says 15-kilometre stretch of Casablanca-Agadir highway would be closed to public from Saturday until midnight on September 12.
At Venice Film Festival, Iran filmmaker urges West to lift sanctions
Rakhshan Banietemad urges West to lift sanctions, laying bare their devastating effects on population.
Gaza war turned hundreds of children into orphans
11-year Amir: I saw my parents lying on the ground and knew immediately they were dead.
SZBA’s “Young Author” leading for the second year
Bin Tamim says “Young Author” tops list with share of 26% of total nominations received, followed by “Literature” Category with 22%.
Saudi Arabia could earn $8.5 billion from Mecca pilgrimage
Mecca Chamber of Commerce says revenues from largest gathering of Muslims would increase by 3% from last year.
Foreign football imports grace Qatar over next nine months
Most high profile footballing arrival at Doha International Airport is arguably Scandinavia's greatest ever player, Michael Laudrup.
Fleeing Iraqi Christians reveal tales of rape, fear
Rene: the jihadists raped women and girls, kidnapped people… I don't know why they do that.
Things you can find at Israel bomb shelter: Cannabis, booze and gaming boards
Police find one shelter has been used for nefarious purposes, discovering gaming boards and chips, bottles of booze and marijuana.