Israelis And Palestinians Cannot Make Peace On Their Own
No Israeli government, regardless of its political makeup, will be in a position to deliver the necessary concessions, especially in connection with Jerusalem and the disposition of the settlements, argues Alon Ben-Meir.
The Riddle of Obama’s Foreign Policy
For nearly seven years of his presidency, Barack Obama has zigzagged from military interventionist to pragmatic negotiator, leaving little sense of what he truly believes. Yet, there may be some consistent threads to his inconsistencies, writes Robert Parry.
Iraq’s Off-Point ‘Reforms’
After a US-engineered “regime change” comes the dreamy period of “reform” — redrawing organizational boxes, slashing government programs and “privatizing” national assets, but rarely a commitment to realistic compromise among rival ethnic and political forces, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar describes in Iraq.
Food, Fraternity and a Suggestion for Tehran and Riyadh
Saudi Arabia and Iran could lead a bold diplomatic process to shape a Gulf-centric, Middle Eastern regional security architecture that is modeled on the Helsinki Process of a generation ago between the American- and Soviet-led camps, says Rami G. Khouri.
Playing the Long Game on Iran
David Bromwich explores Obama's defense of his nuclear agreement with Iran, his barely veiled attack on his neocon and Republican opponents, and the way in which those who want to take down first the agreement and then Iran are playing not for tomorrow, but for what he calls the 'long game.'
Israeli-Hamas Truce: An Opportunity In Disguise
There are several reasons behind Hamas’ and Israel’ desire to establish a longer-term truce which further explains why it may well become inevitable, as it has many significant advantages to both sides, argues Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.
Kuwait summons Iran envoy over disputed gas field

Kuwait’s summons Iran’s charge d’affaires to protest Tehran's apparent offer of investment opportunities in disputed Dorra gas field.

Gulf stocks rise after panic sell-off over oil prices
US crude oil tumbles to lowest level since 2009 in opening trade
Like others in Europe, Ukraine wants to improve ties with Iran
Fire forces Kuwait's third-largest refinery shutdown
Emirates launch longest flight to Panama
OPEC raises oil demand forecast despite bearish markets
Fitch grades Iraq B-
Egypt leader to inaugurate 'new Suez Canal'
Iran film premieres about prophet postponed

40-million-dollar “Muhammad” will now be screened on Thursday throughout Iran due to technical problems.

“Bla Cinima” from cultural debate to daily struggle of Algerians
Award winning “La Fièvre” screened at Locarno Film Festival
Omar Sharif passes away, aged 83
Court awards rare Kafka papers to National Library of Israel
Turkish sculptor risks prison for 'insulting' Erdogan
Egyptian shroud to go under hammer in Paris
UAE brings its falconry expertise to Morocco’s Lekouassem Festival
Morocco's Mawazine festival opens to record crowds
Iran award-winning director defends religious epic ‘Muhammad’
‘Muhammad’, which is partially state funded, is being released on anniversary of birth of the eighth imam of Shiite Islam, Reza.
After beatings in Libya, young migrant dies on eve of Italy arrival
Somalian who survived beatings and forced labour in Libya dies on final stretch of his journey to Europe.
Journalist Zaina Erhaim gets Mackler award for 'courageous journalism'
Prize from Reporters Without Borders and Agence France-Presse is awarded to Zaina Erhaim, who lives and works in Aleppo, Syria.
No more prison for Iranian men who fail to pay dowry
Following passage of new law, husbands will no longer face jail for failing to pay dowries that can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.
‘Street workout’ draws onlookers at Gaza beach
Young Palestinians enjoy urban bodybuilding in Gaza even if streets are ill-equipped to accommodate sport.
“Bla Cinima” from cultural debate to daily struggle of Algerians
Ammar-Khodja's documentary film finds similarity between renovated cinema in Algiers with political situation in Algeria.
Migrants’ Night trip from Turkey’s Bodrum to Greece’s Kos
From beach at Fenerburnu on Bodrum peninsula it is tempting journey of just over five kilometres south on normally placid Aegean waters to Kos and EU.
Symbolic step toward Palestinian unity: West Bank football match back on
Shejaiya players visit Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque, Islam's third-holiest site, after crossing border.
Surprise, surprise! Dubai drowning tale dates back to 1996
Police say report of Asian woman drowning after her father blocked lifeguards from rescuing her dates from nearly two decades ago.
Award winning “La Fièvre” screened at Locarno Film Festival
Benhaim’s short film tells story of political struggle in Morocco from the French occupation until King Mohammed VI’s rule.
‘Tel Aviv Sur Seine’ makes waves in France
Decision to dedicate one day of beach festivities to Tel Aviv sparks condemnation from groups saying it sends ‘very bad message’ of support for Israel's policies.
Sculptor Parviz Tanavoli dedicates new work to Cecil the lion
Tanavoli usually works in bronze and other metals and is a leading proponent of Saghakhaneh style.