Will Artificial Intelligence Help Neutralise ISIS Propaganda Online?
Questions remain about Facebook’s and YouTube’s ability to screen extremist and terrorist content, points out Mahmud el-Shafey.
Turkish Advance Stumbles in Syria’s Afrin
Hundreds of Turkish citizens, journalists, bloggers and peace activists have been jailed for saying “no” to the Afrin battle, says Sami Moubayed.
US-Turkey Relations Back from the Brink but not by Much
The lack of concrete agreements during Tillerson’s visit is a sign that differences remain, observes Thomas Seibert.
Far-right Banks on Immigrant Backlash in Italian Elections
A right-wing coalition is banking on an anti-migrant policy to reap dividends at the March 4 polls, reports Mahmud el-Shafey.
As Iraq Elections Loom, Abadi’s Coalition is Disintegrating
Having the polls together means it is likely that the groups that dominate the national vote will control provincial councils, explains Tallha Abdulrazaq.
Syria Enters New post-ISIS Phase With Massive US, Israeli Strikes
The US and Israeli strikes could complicate the plans of Iran and Turkey in Syria and the rest of the region, as the war on ISIS comes to an end, observes Thomas Seibert.
Dubai property slump set to continue

Emirate's real estate sector has been on slide since 2014, when crude oil prices crashed dealing harsh blow to many Gulf investors.

Israel’s gas contract with Egypt: deal or no deal?
Israel strikes 'historic' gas contract with Egypt
Abu Dhabi awards Spanish firm stake in offshore oil concession
Can Iraq’s ailing economy liberate itself in 2018?
British holidaymakers back to Tunisia three years after beach attack
UK presses fraud charges against Barclays over Qatar loan
France eyes Emirati wealth funds
Iraq seeks $100 bln to reconstruct transport, agriculture, oil sectors
Saudi Arabia to host first Arab Fashion Week

Dubai-based Arab Fashion Council says on its website that fashion week will be held in Riyadh from March 26-31.

Oscar-nominated Syrian film screened in rebel-held Idlib
Egypt unveils tomb of ancient priestess
Book culture returns to Iraq's Mosul
Lebanese museum displays artefacts looted in civil war
Marwa al-Sabouni’s ‘The Battle for Home’ offers personal account of Syria’s conflict
Palestinian unearths ancient graves in vegetable patch
Egypt moves 3,200-year-old Ramses statue to new location
Lebanon overturns ban on Spielberg film
Morocco attracts record number of tourists in 2017
Approximately 11.35 million people visited Morocco last year.
Camel milk for babies to hit Dubai shelves
‘Camelicious’ unveiled at Gulfood 2018 is world’s first camel-based baby formula targeting children allergic to cow milk.
Women are key to economic growth in MENA region
There is clear evidence that confirms the positive relationship between women’s involvement in the job market and overall growth.
Baghdadi Museum of Folklore celebrates the old ways of Iraq
Museum offers a nostalgic journey into past daily life of Baghdadis.
Valentine’s Day conquers hearts, gains acceptability in Arab world
This year’s more open celebration of Valentine’s Day was boosted by high-profile religious figures issuing statements of tolerance.
Students in Damascus brave shelling to attend school
Walk to school has become so dangerous that some parents say they would rather keep their children at home.
Trains set to return to historic Istanbul station
Built in first decade of 20th century, Haydarpasa railway station stands proudly but lacks its most fundamental components - trains.
Football as usual for war amputee players in Idlib
War amputee footballers tackle, shoot, score in rebel-held Idlib province despite their impairments.
Climate change may be last straw in global water crisis
Many major rivers no longer reach the sea, aquifers millennia in the making are being sucked dry and pollution is tainting water above ground and below.
Oscar-nominated Syrian film screened in rebel-held Idlib
"Last Men in Aleppo" shows work of feted White Helmet volunteer rescuers during brutal government siege.
Iraq’s female weightlifters easing family’s financial burden
Young women of Iraq’s national weightlifting team work tirelessly in Baghdad’s conservative Shiite neighbourhood to bring home medals, money.
Timo Nasseri’s show, an imaginative quest for the infinite
The exhibition shows Nasseri’s disciplined practice of Arabic lettering in the method of Ibn Muqla.