US-Turkey Ties Under Further Strain after Conviction of Turkish Banker
There is speculation that Zarrab’s gold transactions helped Turkey’s export figures at a politically sensitive time, says Tom Regan.
When Geopolitical Conditions And Moral Values Converge
Israel must now seize the momentous, time-sensitive opportunity provided by the changing geopolitical regional dynamic precipitated by the common Iranian threat against Israel and the Arab states, explains Alon Ben-Meir.
Syria’s Rival Utopias
The ANG and ANY networks are connected to legal political parties in their countries, says Nicolas Dot-Pouillard.
The Middle East Leads the World in Income Inequality
During the period 1990-2016, the top 10% of the population in the Middle East enjoyed about 60-66% of the region’s income, observes Mark Habeeb.
Trump Unlikely to Carry Out Threat to Cut US Aid to Palestinians
Many Israeli security officials said that a cut-off of US funds for the Palestinians would do more harm than good, reports Gregory Aftandilian.
Arabic Content is Key to Journey Down the Digital Highway
Arabs are increasingly reading online but more and better Arabic language content is needed, explains Rashmee Roshan Lall.
Saudi's refined oil exports offset crude curbs

IEA says exports of refined products rose 155,000 bpd from one year earlier, offsetting drop in overseas crude oil sales.

US to overtake Saudi as world’s second crude oil producer
Sudan clamps down on journalists covering bread protests
Emirates throws Airbus lifeline with $16 billion A380 order
OPEC says oil market heading towards 'smooth rebalancing'
Morocco dirham stable after flexible FX system introduction
European judicial opinion could deal fresh blow to Brussels-Rabat ties
Saudi Binladin Group denies government takeover
Oman inks oil, gas deal with Lebanese company
Lebanon overturns ban on Spielberg film

Interior ministry reverses General Security authority’s ban on “The Post” on US involvement in the Vietnam War.

Sharjah Islamic Art Festival captivates the subtle beauty of the infinite
Fighting gender-based violence through art
Iranian director facing jail for film attacking corruption
Al Dhafra Festival kicks off
‘Let’s Write in Baghdad’ incarnates hopes and dreams of Iraqi children
Saudi crown prince ‘bought’ $450 mn Da Vinci
Hiba Tawaji dazzles Riyadh in first women-only concert
Da Vinci sold for $450 mn heading to Louvre Abu Dhabi
Egypt prepares for return of Russian tourists
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on January 4 for the resumption of flights between Moscow and Cairo.
No such thing as trashy literature for Turkish garbage collectors
In Ankara, discarded books need not necessarily end up heading for a papery oblivion thanks to rather unconventional library.
Lebanon overturns ban on Spielberg film
Interior ministry reverses General Security authority’s ban on “The Post” on US involvement in the Vietnam War.
South Cairo church offers insight into Egypt’s Christian history
Many of the Hanging Church’s original artefacts have been removed and are on display at the nearby Coptic Museum.
Matmata’s unique architectural gem in southern Tunisia
One of the few remaining Berber villages in Tunisia, Matmata is famous for its unusual housing structure, known as “troglodyte.”
European Arabs have a distinct view of the region
Digital Arabic content will help diversify our economies and it is key to building a knowledge economy.
Saudi Arabia welcomes women sports fans to stadiums as social transformation proceeds
Female Saudi football enthusi­asts joined their male counterparts January 12 at King Fahd Sports City in Riyadh to see Jeddah’s Al-Ahli take on the Eastern Province’s Al- Batin.
Hope returns with tourists to Mauritanian desert
For most of the last decade, the spectacular dunes, barren canyons and oases of the Adrar region have been a no-go zone for European nationals.
New life in Mosul as scars of IS rule begin to fade
In districts of Iraq's second city not left totally devastated by ferocious fighting to oust jihadists, life is buzzing with more vibrancy than ever.
Celebrating Berber new year marks shift in Algeria’s identity politics
Algeria will become the first North African country to celebrate the Berber new year as a national public holiday.
Airbnb boosts Morocco’s tourism but hotel industry denounces ‘unlawful’ competition
The company reported that nearly 300,000 tourists using its online platform visited Morocco from September 2016 to September 2017.
Finding own style is paramount to award-winning Emirati artist
Salma al-Marri’s creations have a unique spin that carries her individual style as well as being reminiscent of her heritage and social surroundings.