Save Us From Washington’s Visionaries
In fact, taking the US President’s record as a whole, noting that on his watch occasional US drone strikes have become routine, the Nobel Committee might want to consider revoking its Peace Prize, notes Andrew J. Bacevich.
Netanyahu Betrays What’s Best For Israel
Netanyahu’s acceptance of the invitation by House Speaker Boehner to address a joint session of Congress to rebut President Obama’s Iran strategy is misguided and terribly damaging to US and Israeli strategic interests, argues Alon Ben-Meir.
The treachery of Boehner and Bibi
Netanyahu’s plan to address the Congress comes at a critical moment in the negotiations with Iran, with the Republican leadership in the Senate scheduling an Iran-sanctions vote that will pass or fail by a razor-thin margin, says Lou Dubose.
Congress Seeks Netanyahu’s Direction
Conservative Pat Buchanan once got in trouble by calling Capitol Hill “Israeli occupied territory,” but even he might not imagine what’s happening now – with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu invited to address a joint session of Congress to decry President Obama’s foreign policy, Robert Parry notes.
The Death of King Abdullah
The death of Saudi King Abdullah adds a new layer of uncertainty to the already chaotic Middle East, including whether his successor will continue pursuing a détente with Israel and how the oil-rich kingdom will approach the dangerous issue of Sunni extremism, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains.
Gaza in Arizona
Like the Gaza Strip for the Israelis, the U.S. borderlands, dubbed a “constitution-free zone” by the ACLU, are becoming a vast open-air laboratory for tech companies, note Todd Miller and Gabriel M. Schivone.
Qatar Airways acquires 10% stake in IAG

Qatari airline's chief executive says BA-owned IAG is excellent opportunity to further develop their westwards strategy.

Libyan airline suspends flights
Iraq, Shell sign $11-billion petrochemical deal
Turkish Central Bank forecasts lowest inflation in 45 years
Dubai takes over from Heathrow as world's busiest international airport
Oil prices hold near six-year lows amid lingering concerns
Saudi Aramco chief says oil price 'too low' for everybody
Baghdad flights suspended after ‘arms fire’ hits flydubai jet
Kuwait projects $24-billion deficit in new fiscal year
Egypt star of the century passes away at age of 83

Official news agency reports ‘Lady of Arabic screen’ as she was known, suffered ‘sudden health problem which led to her death.’

Qasr Al Hosn Festival seeks to revive UAE’s rich cultural past
Houellebecq’s 'Islamic France' novel sparks uproar
Ridley Scott's 'Exodus' censored in Morocco
War takes its toll on Syria heritage: Nearly 300 sites destroyed, damaged and looted
Arts Canteen London presents Attab Haddad: Iraqi oud with a western twist
Marrakesh Film Festival gives Japan a chance to shine
Drama out of tragedy: Syria women present new version of ‘Antigone’
Egypt revokes ban on Wehbe ‘provocative’ film
Fight against ‘Islamic State’ spreads to Twitter
War against jihadists is taking place online as well on battlefield, with 18,000 Twitter accounts suspended in recent months.
ISIS women cheerleaders, not victims
New study estimates 550 women who travelled to Iraq and Syria are expected to marry, keep house, bear children.
Dubai takes over from Heathrow as world's busiest international airport
Airports Chairman says ‘this historic milestone is culmination of over five decades of double-digit average growth.’
Is female cycling socially unacceptable in Egypt?
Egyptian female cyclists pedal for acceptance in Cairo where few women dare ride bicycle.
Egypt doctor gets 2 years in jail for fatal female circumcision
Appeals court sentences doctor to more than two years in jail for performing female circumcision that killed teenage girl, overturning acquittal.
A first for Arab world: Migrant workers to form labour union in Lebanon
It has support of FENASOL but yet to win recognition from government.
Arab Poets flock to Abu Dhabi for Prince of Poets' direct interviews
Prince of Poets jury’s direct interviews with 300 Poets from 29 Countries will start Saturday at Al Raha Beach Theatre.
Iraq hero dreams of incredible repeat of Asia Cup triumph
Few would have predicted Iraq's progress in face of incredible odds, and not just difficulties of deadly Islamic State insurgency.
Egypt conservation group sues over ‘botched’ Tutankhamun mask repair
Mask shows sticky aftermath of overzealous use of glue to fix mask's beard in place.
Region’s first street feast to launch Abu Dhabi Food Festival
Street Feast will run over three successive weekends, take place in Madinat Zayed, of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi city.
Global campaign celebrates achievements of 11th century scientist Ibn al-Haytham
UNESCO headquarters in Paris witness launch of global campaign titled ‘1001 Inventions and World of Ibn Al-Haytham,’ in presence of 2,000 guests.
After exhaustive touring, Hanni El Khatib returns to Los Angeles
El Khatib is in career position where he enjoys artistic freedom, loyal audience, yet no chart-topping songs that define him.