Donors will fail Gaza again
Clearly, the reconstruction of Gaza requires a new Palestinian strategy, one that draws a line between the grants donors offer and their political conditions, and that rejects once and for all any Palestinian commitment to those degrading conditions, argues Nicola Nasser.
Shameful Hamas-Fateh Behavior Must Stop
The Arab world for the most part is badly split between its people and its governments, and in some countries order has collapsed completely, notes Rami G. Khouri.
The Wheel Turns, the Boat Rocks, the Sea Rises
Rebecca Solnit points out that the pressure of mass movements can sometimes turn history upside down. Of course, the only way to find out if climate change is a candidate for this treatment is to get out in the streets.
ISIS: Illusions Versus Reality
The rise of many jihadist groups can be traced several decades back to the reigns of corrupt and ruthless Arab dictators who grossly violated human rights, deprived their citizens of social justice, and violently suppressed any opposition with impunity, says Alon Ben-Meir.
Lessons Learned in the Bucca Camp
When US politicians want to sell a war, their marketing is top notch: they can count on the US public to buy that war at least long enough to become irretrievably committed to it, as long as the advertising for that war leaves them feeling threatened, explains Kathy Kelly.
Torture Chambers of the Mind
Convinced that solitary confinement is an ineffective, dangerous and costly practice antithetical to any pretense of rehabilitation, Sarah Shourd has spent the last four years advocating against its use through journalism, advocacy, theater and a memoir she co-authored with her fellow hostages.
World Bank calls for sweeping reforms in Tunisia

World Bank says Tunisia must show 'audacity' in economic reforms as it did in revolution.

Saudi oil minister: Not the first time crude prices slumped
Tunisia urges foreign investment in democratic ‘startup’
Dubai plan back on the runway for world’s largest airport
Second Bahrain-Saudi causeway to cost $5 billion
Palestinian economy shrinks further in 2013 – 2014
Israel inks 15-year natural gas supply deal with Jordan
World oil prices rebound from heavy losses
IMF approves $553 million loan for Yemen
Jordanian director brings powerful first feature to Venice

"Theeb" is Western-style story of coming of age starring Bedouins living in desert during Great Arab revolt.

Abu Dhabi publishes ‘Al Nahyan Poets’ collection
Another casualty of conquest and conflict in Gaza: Cultural heritage
Massive Attack in solidarity with Gaza children
Turkey politicians denounce calls for boycott of Jewish writer
2011 Libyan rebellion comes to Sarajevo
Nizwa gears up for 2015 cultural feast
UAE shines at Tan-Tan Moussem Festival
Nostalgia at its height: Syrian refugees recreate home in UAE
Iran women’s right to attend sports events sparks controversial debate
British-Iranian woman imprisoned In Tehran for attempting to watch men’s volleyball match is at heart of Iran’s cultural wars.
Egyptian breaks world record for deepest scuba dive
Gabr has reached depth of 332.35 metres in 12 minutes during plunge into Red Sea, surpassing previous mark of 318.25 metres set in 2005.
Moroccan city orders removal of olive trees from all areas
Town hall in Oujda bans olive trees because of pollen-linked allergies and sets end-of-the-year deadline for residents to remove them.
SZBA delegation meets Japanese judging panel
Bin Tamim says formulation of new category stems from Award’s solid belief in immense value foreign academic, research works have on Arabic culture, heritage, literature.
Scottish independence campaigners find support in Palestinian bagpipers
Palestinian bagpipers back Scots seeking to break away from Britain in historic referendum.
Terrorists for some, freedom fighters for others
Clear definition of "terrorist" remains elusive two centuries after term first appeared in France.
Animals in action at ADIHEX
From cute to spectacular, animals put up best tricks at arena of Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.
More women than men in Tunisia
Census reveals women make up 50.2 percent of Tunisian population which is 10,982,754 against 9.9 million in 2004.
ADIHEX; exhibition from camel auction to crafted firearms
640 exhibitors from 48 countries are taking part in 12th edition of Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition in UAE capital.
North African soccer pitches return as venues for anti-government protests
Series of incidents ranging from killing of player to raising of flag of Islamic State to arrest of militant Egyptian fans signals return of soccer pitches as venues for anti-government protests.
Despite regressive policies, Turkey hosts Internet Governance Forum
Forum aims to bring together government, activists and business to discuss how to regulate and encourage use of internet worldwide.
Saudi Arabia suspends labour visas for Ebola-hit nations
Deputy labour minister says ‘temporary suspension’ of labour visas from three Africa nations will not affect labour market.