Can the United States Pressure Russia to Relinquish Assad?
Russia has propped up Assad and kept his regime alive throughout the Syrian war. The question is how feasible it is that we see Russia renouncing Assad, argues Abdulrahman al-Masri.
Rocky Days Ahead After Turkey Referendum
It is not only the European Union that has been in Erdogan’s line of fire. Turkey’s relationship with another NATO ally, the United States, will remain under close scrutiny, says Constanze Letsch.
Behind Trump’s Anti-Iran Tough Talk
Appeasing the Saudi-Israel axis in the Mideast, President Trump is talking tough against Iran and bringing his administration even more into line with neocon orthodoxy, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains.
The Pro-War Twist of the ‘Resistance’
The anti-Trump “#Resistance” has become a movement to defend the Democratic establishment’s pro-war policies, to purge anti-war Democrats, and even to embrace Donald Trump’s attack on Syria, reports James W Carden.
Misleading Images of Kurdish Female Fighters
These trophy shots, however, invite a long list of problems and the choice behind them is always ideological. The more traction they gain, the greater the injustice inflicted upon Kurdish women in northern Iraq, says Nazli Tarzi.
Trump Sends the World Muddled Messages
Moving from Tweets to Tomahawk missiles, President Trump enjoys sending messages with exclamation points, but those messages often are muddled and thus dangerous, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.
Qatar says energy prices rebalancing after OPEC accord

Qatar's energy minister praises OPEC members for their adherence to a 'successful' November deal to cut production.

420 tonnes of plastic bags seized in year in Morocco since ban
Dubai Aerospace to triple size with plan to buy AWAS
LafargeHolcim CEO stepping down over Syria probe
OPEC 'optimistic' about oil price recovery
IMF cuts Mideast growth forecast after oil output cuts
The National undergoing new 'digital transformation'
Weak Turkish economy likely to impact poll
IEA says world oil 'close to balance' despite OPEC cuts
Saudi wins Prince of Poets title

Eyad Hakami beats countryman Tariq Al Sumayli to win crown of Prince of Poets competition, AED1,000,000.

Visiting Nablus, the ‘Little Damascus’ of Palestine
French conductor leads Tehran orchestra in sign of growing ties
Archaeologists unearth ancient tomb near Egypt's Luxor
New documentary on comedian Bassem Youssef follows Arab Spring turmoil
Iranian female snooker players banned
Morocco hosts African art festival
Demolition of decades-old Beirut brewery begins
Banksy West Bank hotel to receive first guests
From the grave, Qabbani’s poems lay bare Syria’s agony
The Syrian government only laid claim to Qabbani after his death, allowing his burial in Damascus.
‘A Small Death’ by Saudi writer Mohamed Hasan Alwan wins IPAF Prize
Saudi novelist wins Arabic fiction award for tale of Sufi scholar's journey from 12th century Muslim Spain to Damascus broadening his view of human spirit.
Saudi wins Prince of Poets title
Eyad Hakami beats countryman Tariq Al Sumayli to win crown of Prince of Poets competition, AED1,000,000.
What about Balfour? British students no longer studying Palestine-Israel
Of five exam boards, three have removed Israel-Palestine from their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) syl­labus since 2014.
Book Review: The Muslim world’s ‘struggle between faith and reason’
For centuries, Ottoman authorities threatened to execute anyone who published books.
Syrian refugees tour New York
Ten-year-old Mona Hafez was one of 150 refugees last week treated to free tours of US cultural capital to make them feel welcome.
Halla Walla: First Arab-inspired emojis app
Based in UAE, Bahraini Yasmine Rasool, 31, Japanese Eriko Varkey, 30, decide digital world needs emojis with Arab twist.
Iraqi rappers voice grievances and hope
Rap is becoming increasingly popular among Iraqi youth as a means of expression.
Migrant rescuers, island mayor win UNESCO peace prize
Prestigious peace prize awarded to European NGO SOS Mediterranee, mayor of Lampedusa'for their work to save lives of refugees'.
Algiers invaded by yellow-legged gull bird
‘Rat of the sky’ takes advantage of human waste to supplement its marine diet, becomes invasive pest in Algerian capital.
Mosul zoo lion, bear flown out of Iraq
Simba, Lula, ailing last two residents of Mosul zoo will receive emergency care from Four Paws International in Jordan.
Jordan’s ‘City of Mosaics’ struggling to preserve its heritage
Madaba, former winner of World Crafts City competition, struggles to maintain rich history of handicrafts for which it is famous.