Khamenei on the Top of the $95 Billion Caliphate
Mullahs in Iran are speaking of living simple and with austerity, but their wealth is exceeding billions of dollars, notes Heshmat Alavi.
Nostalgia for Empire
Capitalist economic imperialism of the European sort is a new phenomenon in world history, and proved far less welcome in the Middle East than the decentralized Ottoman methods of governance, stresses Juan Cole.
Down goes FIFA! Down goes FIFA!
The dramatic arrests of leading FIFA officials are the tip of the iceberg. This could be the beginning of the end for the soccer federation, observes Dave Zirin.
Obama Winks at Terrorist Gains
President Obama is playing a reckless game as he winks at Saudi and other Sunni oil-state support for al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria, with the very real possibility that the secular government will collapse and the terrorist black flag will be hoisted over Damascus, writes Gareth Porter.
The Worst of All Possible Worlds
John Feffer offers a cunning bow to the convergence theorists of the Cold War era, a crew of thinkers who imagined that someday the two superpowers would merge into one conglomerate creature in strangely upbeat ways.
Who’s to Blame for the Mess in Iraq?
The initial fault for this mess must be placed at the doorstep of the Bush Administration. They lied us into the war; dismantled Iraq's institutions; and then badly mismanaged the occupation, attempting to restructure the country's governance by introducing a dangerously flawed system of sect-based representation, argues James Zogby.
New airport in restive eastern Turkey

Erdogan names facility for celebrated Muslim medieval leader of Kurdish origin.

Fukushima nuclear plant wins Qatar contract
Turkey bank keeps main interest rates unchanged
Oil prices fall as Saudi Arabia keeps pumps running
Oil prices higher on Middle East unrest
Abu Dhabi grants Korean GS Energy onshore oil concession
Kuwait seeks arbitration in oil row with Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait decide to shut second oilfield in neutral zone
Russia to supply Turkey gas December 2016
Director 'shocked' at Morocco’s prostitution film ban

Ayouch’s “Much Loved” says freedom of expression of all Moroccan artists is under threat by act of censorship by anticipation.

Egypt acting legend diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease
The ancient pearl of the Syrian desert
Rooftop gardens link Palestinians to land lost in Nakba
Syria artist brings civil war portraits to London
Kalima Project announces new series for publication
Oldest example of Ten Commandments displayed in Jerusalem
Novelists withdraw from NY gala in Charlie Hebdo protest
US returns stolen Egypt artifacts
Morocco's majestic cedars threatened by climate change
Director of Ifran national park says water shortages compounded by animals’ behaviour are contributing to withering of cedars.
Egypt acting legend diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease
Sharif, whose films also include ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘Funny Girl’ opposite Barbra Streisand, is being cared for by his son.
The case that exposes Jordan's deportation double standards
40-year-old Palestinian Sahlee nearly got deported from Jordan to Syria along with his nine-year-old son afterfailing to make treacherous journey to Europe.
UAE launches strategic framework for national space agency
Agency Chairman says space industry will help diversify country's economy and create highly skilled jobs for growing youth population.
Al-Azhar pleads for protection of Syria ancient city
Leading Sunni Muslim body says world must unite in ‘battle of all humanity’ to prevent Islamic State group from destroying Palmyra.
Ex-boyfriend charged in shooting of Turkish young singer
Attack has attracted huge attention in Turkey, where anger has been growing over horrifying frequency of crimes against women.
Peace-making mission of Blatter crumbles
Palestinians vow to press efforts to have Israel suspended at upcoming world football congress.
'Lebanon's Kardashians' TV show ‘boring’
All that glitters not TV gold for stars of 'The Sisters' as their show is accused of ignoring educated, hardworking, down-to-earth Lebanese women.
Israel to mull Palestinian football improvements
Netanyahu says Israel will consider ‘certain’ measures after Palestinians asked to get Israeli association thrown out of world governing body FIFA.
Pope canonizes two saints from 19th century Palestine
Church officials are holding up new saints as sign of hope and encouragement for Christians across Middle East.
200 publishing deals signed under ‘Spotlight on Rights’ at ADIBF
Business Club at 25th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has witnessed numerous bilateral meetings between publishers, authors and translators to sign publishing agreements, purchase translation rights.
Syria artist brings civil war portraits to London
‘World Civil War Portraits’ focuses on faces of displaced, tortured and killed, young and old.