Jared Kushner has Wasta
Kushner’s powerful role in his father-in-law’s White House has implications that go beyond Israeli-Palestinian issue, explains Rashmee Roshan Lall.
The Shortcomings Of The International Conference For Peace
Of main concern to the conferees was Trump’s campaign promise to relocate the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and give Netanyahu a free hand to expand the settlements, which could torpedo the prospect of peace and provoke the Arab states at a time when they are needed to support any new peace initiative, writes Alon Ben-Meir.
Donald Trump v. the Spooks
President-elect Trump is in a nasty slugfest with US intelligence agencies as they portray him as a Russian tool and he blasts their attempt to delegitimize his election, says ex-British intelligence officer Annie Machon.
Turkey and Iran, Allies or Rivals?
Despite President Rohani’s support for Recep Tayyip Erdoğan through last year’s coup attempt, the two countries’ political alliances diverge, say Mohammad-Reza Djalili and Thierry Kellner.
Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: Clerics Will Fall in Line
Sociological changes that come with Vision 2030, which endorses more investments in entertainment ventures, might prove a bit too much for some, observes Mohammed Alkhereiji.
2017 Will be Another Year of Key Elections for Europe
France and Germany are to have parliamentary and presidential elections in 2017, with security and migration expected to be major election issues, warns Mahmud el-Shafey.
UAE minister says too early to consider prolonging oil cuts

Energy minister says 'premature to jump' on extending OPEC deal to cap oil production from January 1, as doubts remain over agreement's implementation.

Turkey lira takes new pounding on forex markets
Egypt inflation rises to highest level in years
Morocco set to become regional industrial hub
Iraq cuts oil output as part of OPEC deal
Gulf stock listings nosedive in 2016
Iran approves 29 firms for oil, gas projects
Oil prices higher, steady as OPEC starts cutting production
EU's top court deals blow to Polisario over EU-Morocco trade deal
IS demolishes two more monuments in Palmyra

Antiquities chief says they have received satellite photographs from US showing damage to facade of Roman amphitheatre.

American Arabesque celebrated in Virginia
US claims antiquities looted by IS to block their resale
Louvre could house threatened treasures from Iraq, Syria
Ancient treasures unveiled at Lebanon's national museum
Tangier hosts fourth edition of Europe Orient Documentary Film Festival
Lebanon slaps ban on three films at international festival
Iraq marshlands named UNESCO world heritage site
Muhammad Ali's family prepares funeral
Syrian refugee, tripped by journalist, 'sad but hopeful'
Osamah Alabed Almohsen says he has"forgotten" camerawoman who famously tripped him with child in his arms near Hungarian border with Serbia.
Israeli satirist shames Holocaust memorial selfie trend
Shapira’s website, Yolocaust, shames visitors to Berlin’s Holocaust museum who post cheerful selfies on social media.
Egypt adds football star to terror list
Mohammed Aboutrika, among most successful African footballers of his generation, accused of financing outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
Mideast Christians remain hopeful for future despite ISIS violence in 2016
While Christian exodus from Syria continues, one needs only to look next door to Lebanon for positive signs of Christian, Muslim coexistence.
Thousands mark Jesus baptism at historic Jordan site
Thousands of Catholic Christians attend special mass at the Jordan River, in annual pilgrimage to the site where many believe Jesus was baptised.
UAE removes ‘Persian Gulf’ from school books
Education ministry orders removal of term after complaints that correct name is ‘Arabian Gulf’ in naming feud with Iran over stretch of water.
Mosul's displaced choose home over camps
For Mosul’s displaced citizens shelter is often down the road, with many preferring to remain close to home in temporary residences rather than in UN camps which are ‘like prison’.
Syrian star turned pizza boy dreams of Hollywood ending
Acting star Jihad Abdo is finally finding his feet after career is uprooted by Syrian conflict, causing him to flee ‘beautiful life’ for fresh start in Hollywood.
Scientists prove pause in global warming false
Research draws outrage from some scientists, critics in US who insisted there was 'global warming hiatus' between 1998 and 2014.
Emiratis banned from keeping wild pets
Gulf state bans private ownership of wild animals which have been domesticated, seen by some as status symbols.
'Pink taxis' challenge norms in Jordan
'Pink Taxi' service provides opportunities to women in conservative cities such as Amman, where female taxi drivers were previously unheard of.
Saddam Hussein 'lives on' in Baghdad shop
While dictator was brutal to those who opposed him, there are those who still look back fondly on his time in power, especially in comparison to following years.