Is Hamas winning the Gaza war?
The effects of Hamas’ strategy are already evident on the ground. Beyond having been forced into a war of attrition, Israeli towns and settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip have turned a majority of their residents into internal refugees, notes James M. Dorsey.
Antidote to the Islamic State Threat
Stop the abusive and criminal policies that have demeaned millions of decent Arab men and women and shaped Arab countries for the past half a century, urges Rami G. Khouri.
The Fall and Rise of Investigative Journalism
If you’re a reader with access to the Internet, you’re living in a new golden age of investigative journalism. Woodward and Bernstein may be a fading memory in this country, but from Asia to Africa to Latin America, muckrakers have corrupt officials and corporate cronies on the run, reports Anya Schiffrin.
PM Netanyahu: 'Show Me the Science!'
Can PM Netanyahu cite any scientific research published in reputable peer-reviewed journals showing that bombardment will create full security and quiet? Asks Dr. David Leffler.
A Lesson Israel and Hamas Should Remember
Ideally the solution will have to be based on the establishment of a long-term ceasefire that will provide the basis for the demilitarization of Gaza and ending the blockade over time and in phases, writes Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.
A Symbolic Symmetry Amidst Military Futility
Can diplomacy allow Palestinians and Israelis simultaneously to live without being attacked by the other, but also in freedom to move, trade, fish, build and travel? Asks Rami G. Khouri.
Inflation concerns in Turkey: Central bank keeps interest rate steady

Bank says ‘elevated food prices continue to delay improvement in inflation outlook,’ adding that it is also keeping an eye on drought.

Arab World and Africa compete for key ITU post
Germany approves construction of tank factory in Algeria
World oil prices slide on easing supply strains
Dubai real estate giant to repay debt four years ahead
New weapon in heated Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Boycott!
Multi-national Arab Bank on trial for supporting terror
Violence-hit Libya gradually boosting oil output
Iraq oil industry: Violence hurts but bottlenecks hurt more
Another casualty of conquest and conflict in Gaza: Cultural heritage

Centuries of conquest and conflict, and rapid population growth since creation of Israel in 1948 have hit enclave's cultural heritage badly.

Massive Attack in solidarity with Gaza children
Turkey politicians denounce calls for boycott of Jewish writer
2011 Libyan rebellion comes to Sarajevo
Nizwa gears up for 2015 cultural feast
UAE shines at Tan-Tan Moussem Festival
Nostalgia at its height: Syrian refugees recreate home in UAE
UAE, Morocco’s Sahraoui culture, heritage meet in Tan-Tan art exhibition
Abu Dhabi Festivals’ Committee unveils ‘Turathuna’
SZBA’s “Young Author” leading for the second year
Bin Tamim says “Young Author” tops list with share of 26% of total nominations received, followed by “Literature” Category with 22%.
Foreign football imports grace Qatar over next nine months
Most high profile footballing arrival at Doha International Airport is arguably Scandinavia's greatest ever player, Michael Laudrup.
Fleeing Iraqi Christians reveal tales of rape, fear
Rene: the jihadists raped women and girls, kidnapped people… I don't know why they do that.
Things you can find at Israel bomb shelter: Cannabis, booze and gaming boards
Police find one shelter has been used for nefarious purposes, discovering gaming boards and chips, bottles of booze and marijuana.
Social media or how do jihadists spread fear worldwide?
In recent years, platforms like Twitter have given jihadists unprecedented, unfiltered ability to intimidate opponents and recruit members.
Over 120 Emirati Companies taking part in ADIHEX 2014
12th edition of International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition witnesses great increase in number of local exhibitors.
Gaza war puts sporting boycott of Israel back on front burner
Stakes for Israel and Palestinians are high. Israel cannot afford to become international outcast while Palestinians see anti-Israeli sentiment as opportunity to further their cause.
‘Love triumphs over all’ – including racism in Israel
He is Muslim, she is Jewish and they had no way of knowing that their union would become catalyst for nationwide tensions.
Borderfree Community Center spells hope in war-torn Afghanistan
Center is named for Prof. Noam Chomsky’s call, in 2013 American University of Beirut commencement speech, for participation in 'worldwide struggle to preserve global commons.'
Water shortages add to miseries of life in Gaza
Spokesman for UNRWA says there are water shortages not only in shelters for displaced but across entire enclave.
Dubai turns away world’s most pierced man over ‘Black Magic’ concerns
Rolf Buchholz has been barred from Dubai, where he was turned back at airport on his way to hotel appearance.
Al Jazeera America faces trial on fraud charges
Former US vice president files lawsuit claiming owners of Al-Jazeera America took back $65 million placed in escrow for sale of his cable channel.