The Kurdish Media and the Referendum on Independence
As is the case everywhere, the strategies adopted by the media in the Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI) are formulated to serve the political interests rather than the societal ambitions, writes Diyari Salih.
A Kurdish State: Reality or Utopia?
The Kurdish genie is out of the bottle and no one is going to be able to put it back. The Kurdish issue is likely to remain one of the major one facing the region in the 21st century, explains Edmund Ghareeb.
Why Blame the Kurds?
Until a convincing alternative plan comes their way, the Kurds have no choice but to go on with their planned referendum, observes Khairallah Khairallah.
Israel strikes weapons depot by Damascus airport
Monitor reports Israeli warplanes target with rocket fire weapons depot belonging to Hezbollah near Damascus airport.
Trump, a Boorish Interventionist
President Trump’s decision to go before the UN and unmask himself as a belligerent interventionist dashed any remaining hopes that he would choose a substantively different course from his predecessors, says Gilbert Doctorow.
A Syrian Refugee’s ‘Peace by Chocolate’
The Hadhads are a great example of how the Canadian government’s decision to give so many displaced Syrians refuge is paying dividends, writes Tom Regan.
Moody's says Gulf dispute is bad for everyone

Moody's Investor Service says row between Qatar and Saudi-led bloc of Arab states has translated into credit negative for entire six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council.

Turkey economy picks up speed in second quarter
Kuwait minister says oil price to stay at $50-$55 a barrel
New Saudi budget carrier to start flights next month
Blockaded Qatar's economy troubled, but coping
Damascus International Fair back after 5-year absence
Saudi billionaire to invest $800 million in Egypt tourism
Renault signs ‘historical contract’ with Iran
Egypt foreign reserves at highest since 2011 uprising
Promoting peace and reconciliation in Lebanon through art

Exhibition is inspired by idea of transforming places and objects of violence into something peaceful.

Egypt seeks to renew interest in Sinai’s religious sites
Dahshur pyramids set the standards for Egypt’s ancient architecture
Egypt dig unearths 3,500 year old tomb
Louvre Abu Dhabi to open on November 11
Roman ruins discovered underwater off Tunisia
1,500 year old mosaic discovered in Jerusalem
Hammamet festival showcases Tunisia’s underground art scene
Jerash festival transforms Amman into a centre of global culture
Promoting peace and reconciliation in Lebanon through art
The exhibition is inspired by the idea of transforming places and objects of violence into something peaceful.
Syria’s displaced plan Raqa return
Syrians dream of walking through Raqa streets in make-up, listening to music once hometown is liberated from jihadists.
The Sahara Forest Project, Jordan’s innovative water scheme
Once the Sahara Forest Project is fully implemented, there will be bigger acceptance for such innovative initiatives.
Deciphering the mindset of ISIS jihadists
Lebanese writer Hazem al- Amin, who has been profiling jihadists, says suicide bombers were predisposed to kill them­selves long be­fore ISIS existed.
Tunisian teacher becomes symbol of resistance to bigotry
Feminist activist Faiza Souissi became a symbol for the struggle of personal freedoms in Maghreb region.
Egypt carpet-making village is an unusual tourist attraction
In village of Haraniya, homes have been turned into small factories where residents spend their days knotting materials into carpets and rugs.
Childhoods stolen by Yemen’s war
Children account for at least 1,712 of more than 8,500 killed so far since Saudi-led coalition intervention according to UNICEF.
From fleeing Syria to dazzling Merkel in the kitchen
Jazmati runs thriving catering company with husband in Berlin following perilous journey to Germany from war-ravaged Syria.
Gemstone purchase essential for Najaf pilgrims
Shiite pilgrims visiting Iraqi holy city of Najaf bring boom times for gem traders selling artisanal tradition seen by many as final rite.
Israeli film deemed insult to military by MP wins Oscar candidacy
‘Foxtrot’ becomes eligible for Oscar nomination by winning Jewish state’s most prestigious film award despite Culture Minister slamming it’s apparent criticism of Israeli military.
Morocco’s public education system suffers from chronic problems
Report by Economic, Social and Environmental Council highlights ‘structural deficiencies’ of Morocco’s public education system.
The skilled youth escaping Turkey's disillusion
Trend of highly skilled Turks leaving the country has grown in recent years, a potentially damaging brain drain.