Does Russia Have Reason to Fear?

NATO is putting an anti-missile base in Romania and brushing aside Russia’s fears, but – over the decades – the U.S. has reacted furiously to the possibility of nearby foreign military bases, recalls James W Carden.

The Pentagon’s War on Accountability

William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, shines a bright light into the darkest corners of the Pentagon’s shady spending and accounting practices.

Religious Zealots Ready for Takeover of Israeli Army

Less noticed has been the gradual and parallel takeover of Israel’s security institutions by those espousing the ideology of the settlers – known in Israel as the national-religious camp, explains Jonathan Cook.

Will We Attack Our Own Dysfunctions as We Battle Islamic State?

IS (Da’esh) will be destroyed military without any doubt, but its military abilities and the territorial controls are not the main problem we have with IS, argues Rami G. Khouri.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘House of Cards’

In promoting Hillary Clinton for President, the Democratic Party is betting that American voters are ready to venture back into the Clintons’ “House of Cards,” a structure long defined by scandals and self-interest, writes Greg Maybury.

Desperate Syrian Refugees Begin a Hunger Strike in Greece

The EU-Turkey deal has created a desperate situation on the islands. Women and children are being held in grim camps and detention centers with young single men, without access to information, medical care, adequate food, legal support, or psychological help, writes Maria Margaronis.

Deradicalization In Refugee Camps And Beyond

There will be no decisive victory over deradicalization as the root causes behind violent extremism are deeply rooted in many Arab and Muslim states, notes Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.

Power Loves the Dark

As it happens and as MatthewHarwood and Jay Stanley explore in this revealing post, high-tech policing -- with new technologies often off America’s distant battlefields -- isn’t the path to transparency, but to secrecy, impunity, and possibly dystopia.

The Secret Prisons of Al-Houthi in Yemen

Yemeni people live in a world which is full of tragic stories; horrible images of pain, torture, arrest and violence. Militias have turned Yemen into a large and horrible prison, stresses Adel Doshela.

Why Is Washington Supporting Fundamentalist Jihadis in Syria?

What’s left of the previous Free Syrian Army in the region is an alphabet soup of fundamentalists, some more moderate Muslim Brotherhood elements, others armed with a blueprint for a puritanical Salafi regime in which there is no room for secularists or religious minorities, or for democracy, notes Juan Cole.

A Critical Palestinian Shift Worth Watching

The battle for the future of Israel and Palestine is shifting its center of gravity and main action means in four important arenas, argues Rami G. Khouri.

Double Standard in Defending Christians

Only now, with the rise of ISIS, have Western churchmen and politicians begun to pay attention to Syrian Christians—but, as has been the case in Iraq, it is too little, too late, stresses James J. Zogby.

Is This the Way out of Our Awful Situation?

Beirut Madinati have a big challenge ahead of them now, given their electoral performance that seems to validate the efficacy of their approach to turning around the political morbidity of the Arab political governance order, argues Rami G. Khouri.

Five Ways the Newest Story in Iraq and Syria is... That There Is No New Story

Peter Van Buren offers a riveting anatomy of up-to-the-moment American war making in Iraq and Syria, exploring the strange repetitiveness of the stories American officialdom chooses to tell itself and the rest of us about the never-ending wars in which the same “lessons” are always there to be absorbed.

Turkey and Egypt: The Battle to Control Dissent Pitches Fans against Autocrats

Despite significant differences in the political environment in Egypt and Turkey, fans in both countries fail to be intimidated and exploit every opportunity to make their demands heard, notes James M. Dorsey.

The Bin Ladens: A Saudi Bellwether

Bin Ladens’ travails provide a glimpse at the problems Saudi Arabia could face as it implements Vision 2030, writes James M. Dorsey.

Washington’s Military Addiction

Tom Engelhardt offers a new way of looking at Washington’s repetitively unsuccessful twenty-first-century wars and conflicts, surveying the most recent set of failures and disappointments.

How Turkey Became A De Facto Dictatorship

With the departure of Davutoğlu, and a rubber stamp AK Party, Turkey has become a de facto dictatorship, and there is now no one to stand in Erdogan’s way, notes Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.

Female Emirati pilot issues rallying cry to young women
Rousi calls on young women around the world to fly planes amid looming global pilot shortage.
Jewish pilgrimage gets under way in Tunisia
Annual Jewish pilgrimage to Africa's oldest synagogue starts in Tunisia where security forces are deployed heavily to ward off potential attacks.
SZBA announces call for 2016-17 nominations
Nominations for Sheikh Zayed Book Award’s eleventh cycle of 2016/2017 start from May until first of October 2016.
Tunisia LGBT people brave open hostility to speak out
Shams Vice President Ahmed Ben Amor says, ‘I don't see why we have to live in hiding. Our private life is our own business.’
Domestic workers take to the catwalk in Lebanon
250,000 domestic workers in Lebanon have no protection under labour law, often face degrading treatment.
In rare Lebanon sit-in, LBGT activists protest against article 534
‘Repeal 534’ could be read, a reference to article in Lebanese penal code under which sexual relations ‘against nature’ are outlawed.
Contest of anti-Israel cartoons opens in Tehran
Zarif says contest is organised by non-governmental organisation without any support from authorities.
Ai Weiwei in Gaza for refugee documentary
Chinese dissident says he was compelled to travel to Gaza to understand Palestinian refugee history, part in global crisis.
'Empty Quarter' holds Saudi oil firm's hopes
Shaybah gas facility in vast Saudi Arabia desert region seen as representative of country's economic transformation.
Stables, vet clinic installed at famed Petra tourist site
Jordan boosts animal welfare at Petra tourist site for overworked, sometimes mistreated horses, donkeys used to transport visitors.
UAE takes part in Tan-Tan Moussem for third year in a row
Chairman of Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee – Abu Dhabi stresses need to promote, shed light on the local Emirati heritage at all international festivals, events.
Syria regime holds patriotic concert in ruined city of Palmyra
Assad regime puts on patriotic celebration at ancient city of Palmyra, with flag-waving and military music in a place.