The Agony of ‘Regime Change’ Refugees

There are positive signs of Syrians returning to Aleppo after the ouster of Al Qaeda’s militants. But the legacy of Western “regime change” wars continues to plague Europe and inflict human suffering, writes Andrew Spannaus.

Hillary Clinton Promised Wars, Too

President Trump has shattered the hope of many peace-oriented Americans that he would pull back from U.S. foreign interventions, but Hillary Clinton might have pursued even more wars, notes James W. Carden.

Syria: A Testament To International Moral Bankruptcy

How low will the moral bar of the international community sink before we awake to the unfolding catastrophe? Asks Alon Ben-Meir.

Democracy Promotion May no Longer be a US Objective Under Trump Administration

Tillerson proposed removing democracy as a US foreign policy objective because that reflects the Trump’s “America first” agenda, argues Mark Habeeb.

Fire prevention strategy key to Maghreb’s future

Whether fire or ice, it is time for the Maghreb and the world to consider how to deal with the threat of extreme weather and reduce the effects of climate change, warns Iman Zayat.

Trump’s Shallow Thinking on ‘Terrorism’

Israel typically makes its enemies America’s enemies – think Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran – and few US politicians dare step out of line. But hypocritical talk about “terrorism” has consequences, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

Russia-gate’s Fatally Flawed Logic

By pushing the Russia-gate “scandal” and neutering President Trump’s ability to conduct diplomacy, Democrats and Congress have encouraged his war-making side on North Korea, writes Robert Parry.

Food Insecurity in the Palestinian Occupied Territories

Knowing that Gaza is so crowded and in need urgent need for jobs and currency, Israel tried to starve its population as a punishment for electing Hamas, and to push them to overthrow it to get rid of the tragic situation, points out Suha Aljundi.

Iran Regime Using Rap Music as Propaganda Tool

The marriage of convenience between rap artist Tataloo and the regime is a clever move, stresses Ali Alfoneh.

Trump or not, Americans Would Nuke an Iranian city

Trump is not the only American willing to rain “fire and fury” on a foreign land, explains Rashmee Roshan Lall.

The Source of Trump’s Real Clout

The image of Donald Trump’s “deplorables” – as Hillary Clinton dubbed them – is a bunch of bigoted blue-collar whites waving Confederate flags, but the secret of Trump’s real power lies elsewhere, says historian Keri Leigh Merritt.

A Rare Pentagon ‘Success’ Story

From Afghanistan to Iraq, Somalia to the Philippines, Libya to Yemen, military investments — in lives and tax dollars — have been costly and enduring victories essentially nonexistent, stresses Nick Turse.

Language Discrimination, Another Blow to Jewish-Arab equality in Israel

Israel has been replacing Arabic road names, particularly in East Jerusalem, with the Hebrew names that appear on signs in both Hebrew and Arabic, including “Al Quds” being listed as “Yerushalayim” in Arabic, observes Kamel Hawwash.

The Kurds’ Treatment In Turkey Is Indefensible

No one is deserving of more piercing criticism than Erdogan for inflicting so much pain and agony on millions of innocent Turkish citizens, while assuming dictatorial powers and dismantling the foundation of Turkey’s democracy, explains Alon Ben-Meir.

Iran and Russia Cooperate amid Suspicion

Russia and Iran both seek to prevent American influence from expanding in the Middle East, notes Mark N. Katz.

What happened to Iran’s Green Movement?

Initially, the Islamic regime hailed the region’s movements as anti-American but moved to repress the Green Movement decisively, describes Misagh Parsa.

Search for Justice in Iraq May not be Totally Futile

One way for the ICC to be more effective and acquire a bigger footprint is for countries that seek justice to sign up to the court, says Rashmee Roshan Lall.

Shielding Israel from Popular Outrage

A bipartisan bill in Congress seeks to criminalize boycotts of Israel with fines and imprisonment, as the so-called BDS movement passes its twelfth birthday, notes Lawrence Davidson.

Homs's rebel districts still in ruins years after Assad victory
Babr Amr is still in ruins five years after rebels were crushed while pro-Assad district of Zahraa is booming.
Lebanese salt producers fear craft is drying up
Traditional coastal salt production was once popular in Lebanon, but the fully artisanal practice now survives in just a single seaside town, Anfeh.
New life in ruins of Mosul maternity hospital
Al-Khansa Hospital is shell of its former self after rule by jihadists, but is still Mosul's main government-run maternity facility.
Tunisian fisherman buries people who drowned at sea
Chamseddine Marzoug is determined to give dignified burial to refugees who drowned in waters off his Tunisian hometown.
Jewish tourists get ‘anti-terrorism’ course
Israeli firm offers 'anti-terrorism' adventure to Jewish tourists for $100 in occupied West Bank.
Damascus International Fair back after 5-year absence
Oldest trade fair in Arab world opens Thursday with western companies among participants from 23 countries.
Tunisia’s Kelibia, a peaceful fishing town that offers perfect getaway
Much of the town’s history has yet to be discovered and excava­tions continue to uncover more in­formation on the area’s ancient civi­lisations.
International football legends to play exhibition in Iraq
September’s exhibition match in Basra set to feature former stars Crespo, Salgado, Rivaldo amongst others.
Rising Palestinian music stars delight London audience
The artists highlighted Palestinians’ suffering under Israeli occupation in many songs and musical compositions.
Morocco to bid for 2026 FIFA World Cup
If successful, Morocco would become only second African country to host football's flagship event following South Africa in 2010.
'Little Damascus' forms in northwest Syria
Bustling street in rebel-controlled Idlib contains shops and eateries run by Syrians who quit their formerly rebel-held towns around Damascus.
Geometry and mathematics inspire Emirati artist
Emirati artist Ebtisam Abdulaziz plans everything, except the viewer’s response.