Obama Helped lay the Groundwork for Trump’s Thuggery

His refusal to prosecute torturers and his Wild West assassination of bin Laden show how moral complacency can all too easily degenerate into full-blown corruption, says Rochelle Gurstein.

Propaganda for Syrian ‘Regime Change’

Neocons and liberal hawks have poured millions of dollars into propaganda to justify “regime change” in Syria and are now desperate to keep the war going until President Hillary Clinton gets a chance to escalate, as Rick Sterling describes.

US Hawks Advance a War Agenda in Syria

The U.S. government, having illegally sent American troops into Syria, is now threatening to attack the Syrian military if it endangers those troops, an Orwellian twist that marks a dangerous escalation, explains Daniel Lazare.

Israelis, Palestinians: Desperately Seeking Leadership

Small majorities of both people still cling to the idea that a negotiated two-state solution could happen. What is lacking is leadership, says Rami G. Khouri.

What Does It Mean When War Hawks Say, “Never Trump”?

That’s the next line of the open letter, and it’s certainly a fair assessment of Donald Trump. But it’s more than a little ironic that it was signed by Michael Hayden who, in addition to supporting CIA’s torture project, oversaw the National Security Agency’s post-9/11 secret surveillance program. Points out Rebecca Gordon.

US Hawks Advance a War Agenda in Syria

The U.S. government, having illegally sent American troops into Syria, is now threatening to attack the Syrian military if it endangers those troops, an Orwellian twist that marks a dangerous escalation, explains Daniel Lazare.

Omran's Picture Elicits Deep Arab Anger — and Fear

The Arab world has become a house of horror, where the most cruel suffering and death are perpetrated by government, rebel, and foreign militaries alike, on a daily basis, with no deterrence or accountability, stresses Rami G. Khouri.

America’s Journalistic Hypocrites

The U.S. news media flip-flops on whether international law is inviolate or can be brushed aside at America’s whim – and similarly whether killing civilians is justified or not depending on who’s doing the killing, says Robert Parry.

Beat Islamic State in the Three Battlegrounds of its Birth

Unless and until the Arab world’s political and socio-economic dimensions are addressed and significantly improved, Islamic State (Daesh) or other movements like it, or even worse than it, will continue to emerge from our Arab societies, warns Rami G. Khouri.

US War Crimes or ‘Normalized Deviance’

The U.S. foreign policy establishment and its mainstream media operate with a pervasive set of hypocritical standards that justify war crimes — or what might be called a “normalization of deviance,” writes Nicolas J S Davies.

Rigging the Coverage of Syria

The major U.S. news media has consistently slanted its coverage of the Syrian conflict to back neocon desires for more U.S. military intervention in support of “regime change,” Gareth Porter wrote for FAIR.

The Dark Secret of Israel’s Stolen Babies

According to campaigners, as many as 8,000 babies were seized from their families in the state’s first years and either sold or handed over to childless Jewish couples in Israel and abroad. To many, it sounds suspiciously like child trafficking, observes Jonathan Cook.

Erdoğan at Gülen’s party

Would Hitler have spoken at a May Day gala thrown by the German Communist Party in 1933? I think not. But I sat at the same table with Erdoğan at Gülen’s Waldorf Astoria gala in 2013, writes Richard Bulliet.

Syria’s Many Lessons Captured in a Monumental Book

Charles R. Lister’s The Syrian Jihad: Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Evolution of an Insurgency presents a month-by-month history of the transformation of Syria into the epicenter of a new “global jihad,” explains Rami G. Khouri.

GOP’s last shot at the Iran deal

Would President Trump deliver on his campaign promise if it forced the abrogation of a $25 billion deal and surrendered a lucrative market to a European business rival? Asks Lou Dubose.

Magical Thinking in US Foreign Policy

The U.S. foreign policy establishment cloaks its desire for global dominance in the language of humanitarianism and “democracy promotion” even when the policies lead to death and chaos, as James W Carden describes.

Freeing Democracy from Perpetual War

Call it patriotic dissent. By “dissent” I mean honest talk from those who should know best about the hazards and horrors of perpetual war, about how poorly those conflicts have gone and are going, says William J. Astore.

Soft Power in the Middle East: The Invisible Skirmish

In light of the aforesaid facts, Iran, thus far, adopted ever-widening array of instruments to bolster its soft power and build alliances and partnerships throughout the Muslim and the Arab Worlds, writes Fadi Elhusseini.

Tehran prosecutor recommends tough new rules for concerts
Prosecutor recommends strict new rules for concerts in capital, saying police should record all events.
In Egypt, ecstatic pilgrims leave to perform hajj
Every year tens of thousands of Egyptians apply for visas to travel to Mecca to join more than a million Muslims from across the world.
Qatar buys stake in Empire State Building
Qatar's sovereign wealth fund buys 10 percent stake in company that owns New York's Empire State Building.
“Literature” and “Young Author” leading SZBA entries
Sheikh Zayed Book Award receives over 800 nominations ahead of deadline in October.
Qatar-Brazil time difference affects Olympics viewers
Qataris struggles with overnight Olympics as watching games has proved test of endurance that would not shame any modern-day athlete.
Children in Syria's Madaya in need of urgent medical help
Activists inside Madaya post video of Yaman on social media as part of plea for help for sick children amid food, medicine shortages.
Unlike France, Italy rules out burkini ban
Italian interior minister regards France's restrictions on Islamic clothing as counter-productive, says Italy wants home-trained imams.
Kuwait’s al-Deehani wins men's double trap as independent
Army officer Deehani, winner of Kuwait's only two previous Olympic medals, is first independent to win gold at an Olympics.
Egypt’s female weightlifter wins historic Olympic bronze
18-year-old Sara Ahmed becomes first female from Egypt to stand on Olympic podium with weightlifting bronze at Rio.
Dubai plane crash survivor hits $1m jackpot
In space of a week, Indian Khadar survived crash landing at Dubai airport then won $1 million in lottery organised by airport's duty free operator.
Iraqi soldier-boxer proud in Rio Olympic defeat
Abdulridha says he felt immense pride in fighting for Iraq on biggest stage despite losing to Mexico's Uziel Rodriguez.
Dream comes true for Iran female flagbearer, Zahra Nemati
Nemati, who was left paralyzed by a car accident, is hoping others in similar situation will follow her path.