Neocons Want ‘Regime Change’ in Iran

A curious trait of America’s neocons is that they never change course or learn from past mistakes. They simply press on for more and more “regime change,” explaining their determination to sink the Iranian nuclear talks to reopen the pathway to more war, as Jonathan Marshall explains.

Needed: Leaders Like JFK and Khrushchev

Three days ago, former US diplomat William R. Polk, who served President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, warned that the West was risking a similar crisis in reverse by pressing NATO forces aggressively onto Russia’s borders. He has now added this postscript about the need for wise leaders.

Integrating Muslims

How to undo the separatism and high levels of psychic detachment, which have reached worrying proportions and are generating considerable unease in all EU countries with significant Muslim populations, and to advocate values that can forge commonalities? Asks Rumy Hasan.

Combating the Islamic State: The real options

The Islamic State (IS) is pursuing its clearly stated objective of a greatly expanded caliphate by using extreme brutality deliberately. Why then cannot there be a coalition of those who are opposed to the IS and its expansionary threats? The answer is very simple. They all have other priorities, argues Immanuel Wallerstein.

Netanyahu’s gamble Sidelining President Obama, the US

Congress has invited Binyamin Netanyahu to speak on 3 March, helping his chance of re-election. But he may not win, notes Marius Schattner.

The Great Game in the Holy Land

With Gazprom's move to develop the Palestinian-claimed gas deposits on the horizon, the Israelis launched their fifth military effort to force Palestinian acquiescence, Operation Protective Edge. It had two major hydrocarbon-related goals: to deter Palestinian-Russian plans and to finally eliminate the Gazan rocket systems, says Michael Schwartz.

How ‘Islamic’ is the Islamic State?

The Bush regime and supporters, people like Paul Wolfowitz and Rudy Giuliani, now want to engage in essentialism and blame Islam for their disaster. All criminals have a cover story, and they’re castigating President Obama for not corroborating their alibi, explains Juan Cole.

Jeb Bush’s Iraq War Cop-Out

Very few promoters of the Iraq War faced any accountability for their aggressive war, nor it seems were many lessons learned. This failure is being tested again as President George W. Bush’s brother Jeb seeks the White House without a serious critique of this bloody disaster, notes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

The Obama-Netanyahu Showdown

President Obama has been reduced to asking Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for permission to reach a nuclear deal with Iran, recognizing Netanyahu’s power over the US Congress. But Netanyahu’s determination to block any deal has left Obama traversing a difficult negotiating path, writes Gareth Porter.

UN Peace Coordinator Unwelcome by Palestinians

Except for expanding the occupation through settlements under the “peace” umbrella these envoys provide, without any hope that the international community they represent will be able to effect any real tangible change for the present and future of the Palestinian people on the ground, stresses Nicola Nasser.

The Ballot Is Stronger Than The Bullet

The Israeli Arabs are more motivated to vote in this election, especially because of the growing acuteness of their socioeconomic problems, overt discrimination in job opportunities and education, and limits on building permits and neglect of infrastructure, analyses Alon Ben-Meir.

War Porn

Like propaganda films and sexual pornography, Hollywood movies about America at war have changed remarkably little over the years, explains Peter Van Buren.

Obama: Sound Theology and Smart Politics

If we listen carefully to the discourse taking place in the Muslim world, we learn that they scoff at our claims of "upholding our values". They ask, "exactly which values do you mean": backing Israel's displacement and oppression of Palestinians; the war on Iraq; the abuses of prisoners; supporting violators of human rights when it serves your "national interests"? writes James Zogby.

Barbara Lee wants better policies than endless war

Lee is pleased that President Obama has come to Congress seeking a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) for the fight with Islamic State (ISIL), as she has for years complained about the failure of the White House to bring Congress into the deliberations about questions of war and peace, reports John Nichols.

Only fools confuse religion with criminality

1,399,925,000 Muslims live in peace and a middle class commitment to family values, education and hard work—more like old-fashioned Protestant work ethic legacies than anything else I have witnessed in my life, points out Rami G. Khouri.

Pressuring Obama toward More War

Still fearing of accusations about a lack of patriotism, Hollywood keeps making movies like “American Sniper” that ignore the criminality of the US invasion of Iraq, an attitude that, in turn, makes it harder for President Obama to show restraint in foreign crises, notes Independent Institute’s Ivan Eland.

A Vague War Declaration on ISIS

President Obama has tossed Congress a draft resolution on using force against Islamic State militants but the vague language is something of a hot potato that neither the White House nor Congress is comfortable with, writes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

We are Deah, Yusor, and Razan

I learned of the shooting via text message from my brother-in-law. While, sadly, shootings such as this occur all across the country every day, if the reverse had been true — a Muslim man gunning down three non-Muslim college students — there would have been widespread, wall-to-wall coverage of a "terrorist" incident., says Hesham Hassaballa.

Thousands turn out for funeral of Turkey literary giant Yasar Kemal
Nobel Prize winning author Orhan Pamuk and ex-Turkish president Abdullah Gul attend ceremony at Tesvikiye mosque.
SZBA announces finalists in “Publishing and Technology” for its Ninth Session
Two Lebanese publishing houses; Arab Scientific Publishers Inc., Al Saqi Publishing House; Toubkal Publishing House from Morocco are named.
Iran to Internet giants: You can operate if you respect ‘cultural’ rules
Islamic Republic is also ready to provide Google or any other company with facilities that could enable them to provide their services to region.
Iraq reopens national museum more than 10 years after looting
Reopening is brought forward as response to destruction of priceless artefacts by Islamic State jihadists in northern city of Mosul.
IS militants destroy priceless ancient artefacts in Iraq’s Mosul
Bearded jihadist: artefacts behind me are idols for people from ancient times who worshipped them instead of God.
US-funded Christians training for private war on Iraq jihadists
VanDyke, who rose to fame as a foreign fighter backing Libyan rebels against Gathafi, is training Christian volunteers to take on jihadists in Iraq.
SZBA announces shortlist in “Translation” and “Arabic Culture in Other Languages”
Bin Tamim says works in both categories portray wide variety of topics, literary genres.
Woman wins best drama award at Saudi Film Festival
Hana al-Omair takes Golden Palm Tree prize for her drama ‘Complain’.
ADIHEX 2015 to be held in September
Al Qubaisi says Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition offers its visitors opportunity to possess state-of-the art camping, hunting, equestrian, outdoor and marine equipment.
Tens of thousands have visited Qasr Al Hosn Festival
Qasr Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi has attracted nearly 120,000 visitors in just 11 days.
SZBA announces Literature, Children’s Literature and Young Author Shortlist
Nine candidates have been shortlisted in “Literature”, “Children’s Literature”, and “Young Author” categories for its 2015 prize.
Syrian refugees make up majority of Lebanon street children
Survey of 18 areas in Lebanon reveals 73 percent of 1,510 children living working on Lebanon’s streets are from Syria.