Lebanon: The Forgotten Front

While the refugees are dispersed across the country in over 1,600 locations, some Lebanese towns have been completely overwhelmed by Syrians with the impact being felt in severe shortages in housing, medical services, water, and electricity, observes James Zogby.

Gaza Protests Coming to the NBA Preseason?

Activists want to know why there will be a Friends of the IDF hosted fundraiser at the Barclay’s Center before a Brooklyn Nets preseason game, notes Dave Zirin.

Lakhdar Brahimi: A Critique of American Middle East Policy

Former top UN diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi lays out how decades of naiveté about Arab societies, poor planning and post-conflict miscalculations have fostered a deep mistrust and lack of confidence in the United States, writes Barbara Crossette.

Moderate or Radical Islam? Let’s Do the Obvious: Televised Debate!

Instead of making assumptions that many of young people are radicalized and conditioned into joining different Jihadi groups, why has there been no single debate of scholars from the various sides? Asks Zaher Mahruqi.

Palestine’s Moral Force Needs Diplomatic Power

The Palestine cause is just and compelling, but on its own moral and legal merits it has no power to leverage global diplomacy in order to achieve Palestinian rights and a lasting peace agreement that responds to Israeli and Palestinian needs alike, stresses Rami G. Khouri.

America Squandered Chance to Help Create a Just World Order

Just like Don Quixote fighting ghostly windmills, this errant US knight in his delirium of power has been battling, and continues to battle, ghosts of his own creation now turning real, argues Ben Tanosborn.

Fighting Power in Kobanî

In countless battles, the mostly very young and poorly equipped fighters of YPG and YPJ have prevailed against the world’s most ruthless jihadist group. How is this possible? Asks Carl Drott.

Israel’s Bloated War Machine

Israelis should be concerned about their government’s priorities. Netanyahu promotes and sometime manufactures an endless series of national security crises, while his government is very cooperative in defunding essential ministries outside the military sector, notes Uri Blau.

The rise of the Islamic State: Who is to blame?

With the launching of US-led air attacks on Islamic State targets in Syria itself, Syrian president Bashar Al Assad is likely to emerge as a winner while his allies Russia and Iran lie low about their abetting of the Islamic State, argues James M. Dorsey.

Neocons Grow Frantic over Iran Progress

With an agreement on constraining Iran’s nuclear program within reach, Official Washington’s neocons are getting apoplectic about the need to rev up new animosities toward Iran, an approach not helpful to real US security needs, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar notes.

Blocking a ‘Realist’ Strategy on the Mideast

Official Washington’s influential neocons appear back in the driver’s seat steering US policy in the Middle East toward a wider conflict in Syria and away from a “realist” alternative that sought a Putin-Obama collaboration to resolve the region’s crises more peacefully, reports Robert Parry.

Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition

America's war of terror resulted in the dissolution of a Middle Eastern post-Cold War stasis that, curiously enough, had been held together by Iraq’s previous autocratic ruler Saddam Hussein. We released a hornet’s nest of Islamic fervor, sectarianism, fundamentalism, and pan-nationalism. Islamic terror groups grew stronger and more diffuse by the year, Peter Van Buren.

Occupation’s Dark Underbelly Exposed

The success of Israel’s near half-century of occupation depends on a vast machinery of surveillance and intimidation, while large numbers of Israelis benefit directly or indirectly from industrial-scale oppression, says Jonathan Cook.

War-ish Madness

In the face of the spreading Ebola virus in West Africa, for instance, the president can no longer turn to civilian agencies or organizations for help, but has to call on the US military in an “Ebola surge” — even our language has been militarized — although its forces are not known for their skills, successes, or spendthrift ways when it comes to civilian “humanitarian” or nation-building operations, reports Tom Engelhardt.

A War Worth Fighting, But We’re Not There Yet

What's different today is that the grotesque behavior of ISIL, coupled with their rapid advances on the ground, has created a sense of urgency and outrage provoking demands for an American response, notes James Zogby.

Ferguson: Taste of Things to Come?

If nothing is done to address deep issues of racial discrimination and inequality, does Ferguson represent the future of the United States? Asks Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed.

Donors will fail Gaza again

Clearly, the reconstruction of Gaza requires a new Palestinian strategy, one that draws a line between the grants donors offer and their political conditions, and that rejects once and for all any Palestinian commitment to those degrading conditions, argues Nicola Nasser.

Shameful Hamas-Fateh Behavior Must Stop

The Arab world for the most part is badly split between its people and its governments, and in some countries order has collapsed completely, notes Rami G. Khouri.

Muslim pilgrims denounce ‘Islamic State’ atrocities
As they gather in Mecca, some pilgrims denounce atrocities by Islamic State, but many also express concerns about US-led air war.
Baghdad takes anti-jihadist war to airwaves
Iraqi government steps up propaganda fightback with TV satire ridiculing jihadists in TV comedy series.
Huthi rebels occupy schools in Yemen: Weapons in, pupils out!
Rebels remain tight-lipped when some parents of hundreds of students at Shamlan school ask when they would vacate building.
Abu Dhabi Film Festival unveils line up for 2014 edition
ADFF features extensive 10-day programme of Arab and international cinema, complemented by red-carpet premieres and associated events.
Scores of pilgrims flock to Mecca's Grand Mosque
With wheelchairs, walking sticks, pilgrims from over all over the world throng Kaaba for hajj.
Erdogan brushes off frenzy surrounding Apple's new iPhone 6
Turkish President makes argument against latest device at launch of new brand for Turkey's exporters.
Islamisation gathers pace in Turkey schools: Yes to headscarves... No to tattoos!
Ban of piercings and tattoos also forbids dyeing of hair, make-up, as well as moustaches and beards for boys.
Shebab Islamists stone woman to death in Somalia
Witnesses say Somali woman has been stoned to death in Islamist Shebab-controlled part of country for secretly marrying several husbands.
Hajj ‘dream’ nears for millions of Muslims
From war-ravaged Iraq and Syria to Ebola-hit Nigeria and dozens of other nations, pilgrims are converging on Saudi Arabia.
British Muslims reject ‘Islamic State’ with #NotInMyName campaign
Active Change Foundation's director Hanif Qadir says in interview that he himself was once won over by extremist ideology.
'Al Ain Read's back to celebrate local culture, UAE writers
Annual book show which comprises 55,000 Arabic and English literary, scientific titles has been extended to meet unprecedented demand.
Turkey lifts ban of headscarves at high schools
Move denounced by opponents as undermining basis of country's secular society.