What Netanyahu Has Wrought

After Prime Minister Netanyahu’s scorched-earth political victory which featured anti-Arab race-baiting – and with his free-market economics driving more Israelis into poverty – Israel faces a difficult path into the future, writes Michael Winship.

Likud’s Victory Is Israel’s Defeat

I lament the results of the Israeli elections, not because I disrespect and distrust Netanyahu, but because a relative majority of Israelis choose to continue living in the bubble, writes Alon Ben-Meir.

The United States should now respond to the Arab Peace Plan

The Barack Obama administration is doing something that no other American administration has ever dared to do, which is to confront and challenge Israel in public on the core issue in the Arab-Israeli conflict, emphasises Rami G. Khouri.

Naked Bibi

In his last two governments, Netanyahu sought to hide his naked contempt for peace by adding to his coalition individuals who could provide political cover, explains James Zogby.

The United States Still Turns Its Back on Iraqi Refugees

The situation for Iraqis with ties to the United States (and for those without) has only grown more dire in the past year as the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham swept through Iraqi cities and cut off refugee routes to Kurdistan and neighboring countries, stresses Zoë Carpenter.

Pentagon Admits Israel Has the Bomb

The United States and Israel are more like a very sophisticated high-tech partnership that collaborates on the frontiers of physics and other sciences in order to yield the gee-whiz weaponry that now define modern warfare, writes William Grieder.

What Solidarity Looks Like: The Jewish Voice for Peace

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Obama administration and the European Union (EU) now have to face the fact that the Palestinians have no partner for peace, notes Nadia Hijab.

One Arena and Two Players

New opportunities for diplomacy that may now arise from the evolving pivotal relationship between the American and Israeli governments demand proactive initiatives by Palestinians, Europeans, Arabs and civil society across the world, argues Rami G. Khouri.

How Qatar is its Own Worst Enemy

Qatar has found itself in recent years under continuous attack amid allegations of corruption in its successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup, denunciation by human rights and trade union activists of its migrant labour sponsorship system as a form of modern slavery, observes James M. Dorsey.

The New American Order

Check out the news about the 2016 presidential election and you’ll quickly feel a sense of been-there, done-that. As a start, the two names most associated with it, Bush and Clinton, couldn’t be more familiar, highlighting as they do the curiously dynastic quality of recent presidential contests, reports Tom Engelhardt.

What Netanyahu’s election means to America

Netanyahu's remarks during the campaign didn't totally re-order how any half-witted observer of Israeli politics views the Prime Minister. He's been acting this way for years and has now, belatedly, added word to deed. If America wasn't willing to face up to these realities before, why should it now? Asks Ali Gharib.

The Big Dick School of American Patriotism

The BDSP is based on a bedrock belief in how America should work: that the only strength that really matters is military and that a great country is one with the capacity to beat the bejesus out of everyone else, argues Nan Levinson.

Netanyahu Reveals His Duplicity, Demagoguery and Deceit

Should the next government end up being led by Netanyahu, every Israeli will live to mourn the demise of Israel as a democratic and Jewish state and the home of brave pioneers who made a millennium-long dream a reality, writes Alon Ben-Meir.

Four Middle East cities today might define our fate

The fate of this region remains in the hands of its people. How current events in Tikrit, Cairo, Tel Aviv and Tehran play themselves out will shape our fate for generations to come, explains Rami G. Khouri.

Anyone but Netanyahu

That’s the common rallying cry for tomorrow’s elections in Israel, but few opponents are offering real alternatives. Only the Joint List is directly addressing the crisis in Arab-Jewish relations, says Mairav Zonszein.

GOP Senators Take Orders from AIPAC

By reaching out to Iran in a bid to sabotage negotiations to limit its nuclear program, Sen. Tom Cotton and his 46 Republican colleagues not only show their contempt for President Obama and the US Constitution but their obeisance to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and AIPAC, explains Gareth Porter.

Guiding Obama into Global Make-Believe

The Orwellian concept of “information warfare” holds that propaganda can break down enemies and decide geopolitical outcomes, a strategy that has taken hold of the US government’s approach to international crises, especially the Ukraine showdown, as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains.

How ‘Free Markets’ Defame ‘Democracy’

Venezuela seems to be following Ukraine on the neocon hit list for “regime change” as Washington punishes Caracas for acting against a perceived coup threat. But a broader problem is how the US conflates “free markets” with “democracy,” giving “democracy” a bad name, writes Robert Parry.

Takahata shines at FICAM
Japanese director’s latest masterwork “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” dazzles audience at 14th edition of Meknes International Festival of Animated Cinema.
Miami-Doha flight in emergency landing as passenger gives birth mid-air
Birth takes place just hours after Qatar Airways flight takes off from Florida and before the pilot is able to make emergency landing.
Worst than cigarettes: ‘Medwakh’ ensnares teenagers in UAE
Despite campaigns on risks of smoking, teenagers in United Arab Emirates are turning to a little-known tobacco product.
Residents flocking back to Libyan capital streets
In Libyan capital, hope survives on busy streets as residents are trying to get on with life despite political unrest.
Creativity Corner at ADIBF 2015 encourages smart learning
Creativity Corner at the 25th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair seeks to provide effective fun solutions for in-class activities.
‘... even after a while’: Badaoui El-Hage launches first book of poetry
Australian Lebanese Poet El-Hage launches his first book of poetry, called “... walaw ba’ada heen”, meaning, “... even after a while.”
Facebook ‘fights’ terrorism with update of ‘community standards’
New guidelines give more clarity on acceptable posts relating to violence, hate speech nudity and other contentious topics.
Iran launches smartphone app for all speeches of Supreme Leader
Khamenei.ir is available for mobile devices powered by Android or Apple's operating system, initially only in Farsi.
Qatar ‘needs to do more’ to improve working conditions
FIFA's executive committee will discuss Qatar working conditions when they meet in Zurich on Thursday and Friday.
Abu Dhabi hosts 21st annual Special Libraries Association conference
Delegates will discuss wide range of topics related to essential need for digital information to build knowledge-based economy.
Pakistan fines Qatar royal for hunting with falcons without permit
Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman bin Hamad does not have permits for three hunting falcons he brought into Pakistan.
UAE beats Iran to win right to host Asian Cup in 2019
It will be second time that UAE has organised continent's showcase tournamnent having previously staged it in 1996.