Edward Snowden and the Golden Age of Spying

Without Laura Poitras, the Snowden revelations might never have happened and her account of how events unfolded, of what lay behind them, and even of her “reboot” once she actually met Snowden (after five months of encrypted emailing) couldn’t be more dramatic or revealing.

It’s Time for International Recognition of Palestine

What we need today, as Palestinians, is to counter Israel’s unilateral “facts on the ground” with Palestinian facts on the ground, and to strengthen Palestinian rights by focusing on independence and self-determination, argues Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi.

New Hair-brained American Ideas in the Middle East

Why does the United States repeatedly discard the relevance of human nature and history when it unleashes its guns and goes into action around the world? Asks Rami G. Khouri.

The Palestinian Refugees: Ending Their Lingering Plight

It is nothing short of a travesty to allow another generation of Palestinians to grow up in a state of limbo, only so their corrupt leaders can ride on their backs and cry wolf about their plight while shamelessly enjoying the good life, stresses Alon Ben-Meir.

Seven Worst-Case Scenarios in the Battle with the Islamic State

After all, with all that military power being brought to bear on the planet’s most volatile region, what could possibly go wrong? Asks Peter Van Buren.

Obama’s Much-Conflicted Syrian Policy

President Obama’s policy toward Syria is getting pulled in so many directions that it lacks any coherence, especially since the US-backed Syrian “moderate” rebels are in a tacit alliance with al-Qaeda’s offshoots that are the target of the US airstrikes, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar describes.

An Imperial Death Grip on Democracy

Official Washington – controlled by a lethal mix of politics, ideology, media and money – has an imperial death grip on what’s left of the American democratic republic, a hold so suffocating that it’s hard to envision any move to escape. But some citizens keep on trying, writes Greg Maybury.

Refugees themselves can crack this tough nut

An ICG report, “Bringing Back the Palestinian Refugee Question,” is a timely and convincing reminder of why the Palestinian refugees must be central actors in the quest for a negotiated resolution of their conflict with Israel, notes Rami G. Khouri.

Investing in Junk Armies

The history of US training of foreign armies in countries it occupies—from Vietnam to Iraq—does not bode well for the fight against ISIS, reports William J. Astore.

The Syrian Tunnel and the Spring

Although there is a consensus on the grave threat ISIS-IS is posing, there has been no real agreement among regional and global powers on fighting or eliminating the group. Some powers see that weakening ISIS-IS would not only mean that Assad will remain, writes Fadi Elhusseini.

The Fateful Decision: British House of Commons Votes on Palestine

We should expect that a British vote for recognition will produce an uproar in the US Congress. A predictable group of pro-Israel Members will be tripping over themselves to be the first and loudest voices denouncing the British move, says James Zogby.

A Trip to Kuwait (on the Prairie): Life Inside the Boom

Laura Gottesdiener offers a stunning view of America’s new oil boom from the bottom up, a summer in Williston, North Dakota, at the edge of the Bakken Shale, a layered, energy-rich rock formation that stretches across western North Dakota, the corner of Montana, and into Canada.

This Year’s Nobel Peace Prize Winners Are Radicals

Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai are engaged activists who have not hesitated to challenge the most powerful political and economic elites in their own countries—and to challenge international leaders, stresses John Nichols.

Three questions to ask before unleashing the military

Legitimacy ideally requires consent and validation by both the local populations where the warfare will occur as well as the international institutions that are mandated to do this, such as the UN Security Council, notes Rami G. Khouri.

Obama’s New Oil Wars — Washington Takes on ISIS, Iran, and Russia

So consider it a surprising reversal that, having tested out the oil weapon against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq with devastating effect back in the 1990s, Washington is now the key country brandishing that same weapon, using trade sanctions and other means to curb the exports of energy-producing states it categorizes as hostile, writes Michael T. Klare.

Leaving No Escape Route For ISIS

The nature of ISIS’ menace necessitates an inexorable, merciless, and overwhelming military campaign to eliminate every trace of this horrid movement in and outside the theater of war, argues Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.

Thank you, Sweden, for the rule of law reminder

The Swedish move is both symbolic and substantive. It is symbolic because Stockholm would be recognizing a state that does not actually enjoy any sovereign powers — but it is also substantive, and should frighten Israel, writes Rami G. Khouri.

ISIS in Washington: America’s Soundtrack of Hysteria

Amid the waves of fear and continual headlines about terror plots, we, the people, have now largely been relegated to the role of so many frightened spectators when it comes to our government and its actions, stresses Tom Engelhardt.

Turkish PM: Taksim Square ‘ugliest square in the world’
Comments come as alleged leaders of Taksim Solidarity are set to appear in court.
Australia drops controversial niqab segregation plan
In U-turn, Australia abandons plan to make women wearing burqa or niqab sit in separate glassed public enclosures at Parliament House.
Acid attacks on women in Iran: Wear ‘proper hijab’ or be disfigured!
Series of acid attacks on women in Isfahan raise fears and prompt rumours that victims were targeted for not being properly veiled.
Abu Dhabi Film Festival to showcase best of Arab cinema
Arab films will be presented alongside international titles in Narrative, New Horizons, Documentary and Short Film competition categories.
Sharjah Children's Film Festival kicks off with rich selection of movies
Second edition will showcase many films by local and regional filmmakers, as well by internationally acclaimed filmmakers.
Piano recital opens Abu Dhabi Classics season
French prodigy Lydie Solomon raises curtain on TCA Abu Dhabi’s eight-month concert season to standing ovation.
Al Masar Gallery holds second solo exhibition for Egyptian artist Ahmad Farid
Titled ‘Migration’, exhibition showcases artist's extended thoughts of his previous solo exhibition titled ‘Urban Diversity. ‘
‘Islamic State’ boasts of revival of sexual slavery: Yazidis as spoils of war!
Latest issue of propaganda magazine Dabiq is first clear admission by organisation that it is holding and selling Yazidis as slaves.
Louvre Abu Dhabi to showcase renowned collections from France
Masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet will be among 300 works displayed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi
Saudi women's right-to-drive campaign hits social media
Activists rev up women's right-to-drive campaign using social networks in world's only country that bans women from driving.
‘Fake King’ appeals for royal pardon in Morocco
Man jailed for three years on charges of impersonating Morocco's King Mohammed VI appeals for royal pardon.
‘Glorification of terrorism’ leads to suspension of TV show in Tunisia
HAICA decides to suspend broadcast and repeat of programme 'Only For Those Who Dare' for one month.