Qatar Airways acquires 10% stake in IAG

Qatari airline's chief executive says BA-owned IAG is excellent opportunity to further develop their westwards strategy.

Libyan airline suspends flights

Iraq, Shell sign $11-billion petrochemical deal

Turkish Central Bank forecasts lowest inflation in 45 years

Dubai takes over from Heathrow as world's busiest international airport

Oil prices hold near six-year lows amid lingering concerns

Saudi Aramco chief says oil price 'too low' for everybody

Baghdad flights suspended after ‘arms fire’ hits flydubai jet

Kuwait projects $24-billion deficit in new fiscal year

New Saudi leadership aims to diversify oil-dependent economy

Tunisia tourist industry still struggling to recover

Syria opposition government receives US financial aid

IMF warns oil plunge will cost GCC dear

Kuwait to spend $100 billion on oil sector modernisation

Oman slams OPEC’s ‘bad politics’

Iraq’s Mahdi says oil prices unlikely to fall further

Downbeat feeling overshadows Davos meeting

Turkey Central Bank cuts rate for first time in six months

Abu Dhabi fund provides $57 mn loans for clean energy

Lower oil drags down net income of Saudi petrochemical giant

Oil demand not picking up despite price collapse

Libya central bank: urgent steps needed to cut spending

Kuwait MPs unanimously call for restoring diesel, kerosene subsidy

OPEC expects current excess of oil supply to continue through 2015

Dubai unveils 200-Megawatt solar plant project

Who will suffer more from plummeting oil prices?

UAE’s Mazrouei: OPEC cannot protect oil prices

Qatar reserves hit all-time high of $46.5 billion

Kuwait announces plans to spend $155 billion on key projects

Algeria plans to invest $70 billion in shale gas over next 20 years

Falling oil prices top agenda of talks as Venezuela president visits Iran

Kuwait awards $4.2 billion contract to develop heavy oil fields

Brent oil sinks under $50 for first time since 2009

Qatar Airways boasts European carriers cannot keep up

Oil price plunge to boost Asia economies

Gulf shares plunge on oil price slump

Global oil prices dive to strike new five-year lows

Turkey 2014 inflation soars to 8.17%

Rouhani warns: Iran economy cannot grow in isolation

Iraq oil exports reach highest level in decades


Land of true Arabian culture hopes to boost selective tourism

From desert camping to luxury hotels, Oman is hoping to carve out a place on global tourist track.

Syria economy back to 1980s size

Economists say Syria’s economy has been 'set back more than three decades by civil war, may never recover.

With limited capabilities, Iran hopes for rebirth of tourism industry

For Iran, whose currency, Rial, has been severely depressed by rampant inflation, tourism offers foreign exchange windfall.

Morocco maintains regular flights to Ebola-hit nations

Royal Air Maroc is keeping up regular flights to three worst hit countries reflecting kingdom's constant commitment to Africa.

Saudi Arabia could earn $8.5 billion from Mecca pilgrimage

Mecca Chamber of Commerce says revenues from largest gathering of Muslims would increase by 3% from last year.

Al Jazeera America faces trial on fraud charges

Former US vice president files lawsuit claiming owners of Al-Jazeera America took back $65 million placed in escrow for sale of his cable channel.

Malaysia world’s friendliest destination for Muslims

Malaysia tops survey of 'halal holidays' for Muslim travellers followed by UAE, while Japan has shown most improvement.

Corruption is rife! Six years to build a short road in Karbala

Karbala city officials say they don’t have enough money to complete important infrastructure projects despite city’s tourism wealth.

Gaza power station rumbles to life for first time in weeks

Power station begins operating hours after receiving delivery of fuel which has been purchased from Israel by Palestinian Authority.

Post-attack security measures deal severe blow to Iraq Kurdistan tourism

Tighter security put in place following attack affects Arab Iraqis coming to Kurdistan from other areas of the country.

Dubai property market booming again

Property sector is bouncing back in Dubai after nosediving during global financial crisis, but stirs fears of new bubble.