Oil prices rise in Asia

Oil prices go up as traders welcome assurances from central banks worldwide that they are ready to step in to prevent global rout following Brexit.

Alstom-led consortium awarded $2.88 billion Dubai metro extension

Fitch downgrades Bahrain's credit rating

Saudi Arabia, UAE downplay Brexit impact on banking sector

Oman raises $2.5 billion in bonds to meet budget deficit

Oil prices rebound after six-session sell-off

Iran Air taken off EU safety blacklist

Saudi opens retail sector to greater foreign investment

Abu Dhabi seeks $6.5bn in row with Malaysia's 1MDB

Oil prices fall around one percent in Asia

Kuwait orders probe into scrapped deal with US Dow Chemical

Turkey economy grows 4.8 percent in first quarter

Bahrain's Gulf Air cuts losses by more than 60%

Saudi officially endorses economic plan away from oil

Saudi finalises economic diversification plan

Uber deal marks more aggressive Saudi investment drive

OPEC to keep oil gushing

Oil prices flat ahead of OPEC meeting

Venezuela casts doubt on 'success' of OPEC strategy

Iran seeks to amend new oil contracts

France announces $500 million upgrade for Libya oil site

Recovery in oil price eases pressure on OPEC

Kuwait earmarks $115 billion to spend on oil projects

Number of foreigners visiting Turkey dives by 30% in April

Oil prices dip in Asia

Brent rises past $50 a barrel

Egypt loses tourists to Spain over fears of violence

Turkey central bank cuts interest rates

Abu Dhabi oil giant cuts thousands of jobs

Oil prices ease after push toward $50 a barrel

European banks remain reluctant to work in Iran

Trade resumes at main Tunisia-Libya crossing

Saudi Arabia suffers fresh cut to credit rating

Demand for oil to grow at Ďsolidí rate in 2016

Abu Dhabi sees strong investor interest in $5 billion bond offer

Saudi Arabia gives Spanish firms extra time to finish high-speed railway

Security concerns take heavy toll on Turkish Airlines

OPEC chief expects oil market recovery to continue

Syria leans on exchange bureaus to boost plummeting pound

Emiratesí annual net profit surged 56%


Open-ended strike of Kuwait oil workers slashes output

Oil workers union chief Saif al-Qahtani says production is partially halted without clarifying which sites had been affected.

Iraq PM calls for legal measures over oil bribery scandal

Abadi instructs anti-corruption commission to take legal action, calls for judiciary to pursue prosecutions connected to scandal.

Al-Jazeera sheds around 500 jobs as part of Ďoptimisation initiativeí

After management review, Ďaround 500 positions worldwide will be impacted, majority of which are in Qatar.í

Once-mighty Hariri firm struggles to survive in Saudi Arabia

Informed source says poor management Ďis one of main problemsí at Saudi Oger, but this has been compounded by economic challenges.

Egypt taxi drivers protest against Uber service

Taxi drivers complain that Uber drivers have unfair advantage because they do not have to pay same kind of taxes or fees.

Iran sentences billionaire tycoon to death over corruption

Babak Zanjani is convicted of fraud and economic crimes, as well as facing death penalty he must repay money to state.

Iran, Turkey set target of $30 billion for annual trade

Visiting Iranian capital, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu meets Iran's first vice president Eshaq Jahangiri.

Egypt President opens Africa economic summit

Economic summit attended by African leaders and businessmen aims to boost trade and investment across continent.

Dubai sees number of visitors surge by 7.5% in 2015

Rise comes despite slowing economic growth in many markets and strong exchange rate of dirham against euro and other currencies.

Qatar records highest number of visitors in 2015

Tourism Authority says almost three million people visited Qatar in 2015, a record number for energy-rich Gulf country.

Eiffel Tower gets fewer visitors after devastating terror attacks

Iron Lady of Paris receives 6.91 million visitors in 2015 compared with 7.1 million in 2014, according to company that runs monument.