Iran film premieres about prophet postponed

40-million-dollar “Muhammad” will now be screened on Thursday throughout Iran due to technical problems.

“Bla Cinima” from cultural debate to daily struggle of Algerians

Award winning “La Fièvre” screened at Locarno Film Festival

Omar Sharif passes away, aged 83

Court awards rare Kafka papers to National Library of Israel

Turkish sculptor risks prison for 'insulting' Erdogan

Egyptian shroud to go under hammer in Paris

UAE brings its falconry expertise to Morocco’s Lekouassem Festival

Morocco's Mawazine festival opens to record crowds

Director 'shocked' at Morocco’s prostitution film ban

Egypt acting legend diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease

The ancient pearl of the Syrian desert

Rooftop gardens link Palestinians to land lost in Nakba

Syria artist brings civil war portraits to London

Kalima Project announces new series for publication

Oldest example of Ten Commandments displayed in Jerusalem

Novelists withdraw from NY gala in Charlie Hebdo protest

US returns stolen Egypt artifacts

Arab poetry loses revolutionary voice of Abdel Rahman al-Abnudi

SZBA names Mohammed bin Rashed “Cultural Personality of the Year”

‘No’ to censorship: Filmmakers boycott Istanbul Film Festival

ADIBF celebrates UAE founder

UAE cements its status as regional hub of fine art

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair honours Iceland

Ancient Libyan treasures now in ISIS' sights

Takahata shines at FICAM

Iran caricaturist touches sensitive subjects with savvy

‘... even after a while’: Badaoui El-Hage launches first book of poetry

Abu Dhabi hosts 21st annual Special Libraries Association conference

Ban urges world to halt destruction of Iraqi sites

IS 'bulldozed' Iraq’s historic Nimrud

Dubai launches first 3D pavement art festival

Thousands turn out for funeral of Turkey literary giant Yasar Kemal

Iraq reopens national museum more than 10 years after looting

IS militants destroy priceless ancient artefacts in Iraq’s Mosul

SZBA announces shortlist in “Translation” and “Arabic Culture in Other Languages”

Woman wins best drama award at Saudi Film Festival

Khamenei criticises ‘American Sniper’ without seeing it

Sheikh Zayed to be focus personality at ADIBF 2015

Iran director Jafar Panahi wins Berlin film festival's Golden Bear


Sculptor Parviz Tanavoli dedicates new work to Cecil the lion

Tanavoli usually works in bronze and other metals and is a leading proponent of Saghakhaneh style.

Liwa Date Festival: 11 years of attractive competitions and cultural activities

One week festival, ending on July 30, is a celebration of ratab, half-ripe dates. It attracts hundreds of participants every year.

Salma Hayek explores Lebanese roots in The Prophet

Film star connects with Lebanese roots through animated film, based on the prose-poetry essays written in English by the Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer Kahlil Gibran.

Syrian rock bands finding safety in Lebanon

Dozens of Syrian bands, independent artists have now become mainstays of Beirut music scene after fleeing war-ravaged Syria.

Iraqi artist draws IS massacres against Yazidi community

Salim puts collective memories of his Yazidi community to canvas in series entitled "The Yazidi Genocide".

Learn Emirati dialect in English

Poetry Academy publishes first approved “Emirati Ramsa” dictionary of UAE dialect which provides the translation of about 1,500 Emirati words into English.

Turkey 'diva of modern republic' dies at age of 96

Traditional music singer Muzeyyen Senar dies in hospital in Aegean city of Izmir after contracting pneumonia.

Swedish archaeologists discover pharaonic wall relief in Egypt

Team of archaeologists discovers rare 2,500-year-old wall relief depicting two pharaonic deities, God Amen-Re and God Thot.

Egypt bans epic movie ‘Exodus’ over ‘historical mistakes’

Culture Minister says Ridley Scott's blockbuster is rife with mistakes, including apparent claim that ‘Moses and Jews built the pyramids.’

A first! Art has taken to Saudi streets

Dozens of paintings by Saudi artists displayed on outdoor advertising billboards in Riyadh, other cities in what organisers say is kingdom's first public art show.

Libya criticises removal of iconic nude statue

Bronze statue, known locally as "the gazelle" for its depiction of a nude stroking an animal, disappears ‘in mysterious circumstances’.