48 poets compete in Million’s Poet contest

Bedouin challenge for AED 15 millions of this year's Millions' Poet competition will start on February 9 among 47 men, one woman.

Dubai to become home to largest library in Arab world

Ancient boat unearthed in Egypt near pyramids

Nude sculptures go veiled on Rouhani’s visit to Rome museum

Musical tradition by Tuareg women makes comeback in Algeria

Syrian orchestra to reunite for London concert

Erdogan biopic to hit Turkish screens

Paul Starkey wins 2015 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize

Refugees at heart of next Berlin film festival

Over 100 Salukis racing at Al Dhafra

Bar Refaeli grilled over massive tax evasion in Israel

Star Wars mania before new film opens

Bigger prizes in 2015 Al Dhafra Festival edition

In search for Nefertiti, Egypt plans more tests on tomb of Tutankhamun

Modern art on rare display at Tehran major exhibition

40th anniversary of Morocco’s Green March artistically celebrated in Rabat

Advanced technology may unravel ‘secrets’ of pyramids

Acclaimed Egyptian novelist Gamal El-Ghitani dies at 70

Egypt begins restoration of Tut mask after botched repair job

Iran threatens boycott Frankfurt Book Fair over Rushdie’s invite

IS destroys Arch of Triumph in Syria's Palmyra

Sohaib El Oussani reveals backstage of Europe Orient Documentary Film Festival in Asilah

British archaeologist seeks to pinpoint Nefertiti's tomb

Rare mosaic discovered in Israel restored

War forces Libya artists to put creativity back on hold

Egypt to close tomb of 'Child Pharaoh' for restorations

Syria archaeological sites looted on industrial scale

Amos Gitai's new film dissects Rabin murder

Israel unveils Roman-era sarcophagus

Iran film premieres about prophet postponed

“Bla Cinima” from cultural debate to daily struggle of Algerians

Award winning “La Fièvre” screened at Locarno Film Festival

Omar Sharif passes away, aged 83

Court awards rare Kafka papers to National Library of Israel

Turkish sculptor risks prison for 'insulting' Erdogan

Egyptian shroud to go under hammer in Paris

UAE brings its falconry expertise to Morocco’s Lekouassem Festival

Morocco's Mawazine festival opens to record crowds

Director 'shocked' at Morocco’s prostitution film ban

Egypt acting legend diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease


Egypt sends museum staff to trial over botched repair of Tut mask

Officials say eight employees of Cairo's Egyptian Museum will face disciplinary hearing over botched repair of mask of King Tutankhamun.

Iraq’s Mariamana school rare symbol of ethnic diversity

Unique school in Kirkuk brings children together where Islamic, Christian education textbooks are stacked on same tables.

Priceless heritage of Morocco’s Jews displayed at Museum of Moroccan Judaism

The only Jewish museum in the Arab world displays hundreds of artefacts and photographs depicting Jewish heritage.

Syria war takes its toll on heritage riches

Archeologists, heritage specialists say Syria’s rich history has made country's war particularly devastating.

Sculptor Parviz Tanavoli dedicates new work to Cecil the lion

Tanavoli usually works in bronze and other metals and is a leading proponent of Saghakhaneh style.

Liwa Date Festival: 11 years of attractive competitions and cultural activities

One week festival, ending on July 30, is a celebration of ratab, half-ripe dates. It attracts hundreds of participants every year.

Salma Hayek explores Lebanese roots in The Prophet

Film star connects with Lebanese roots through animated film, based on the prose-poetry essays written in English by the Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer Kahlil Gibran.

Syrian rock bands finding safety in Lebanon

Dozens of Syrian bands, independent artists have now become mainstays of Beirut music scene after fleeing war-ravaged Syria.

Iraqi artist draws IS massacres against Yazidi community

Salim puts collective memories of his Yazidi community to canvas in series entitled "The Yazidi Genocide".

Learn Emirati dialect in English

Poetry Academy publishes first approved “Emirati Ramsa” dictionary of UAE dialect which provides the translation of about 1,500 Emirati words into English.

Turkey 'diva of modern republic' dies at age of 96

Traditional music singer Muzeyyen Senar dies in hospital in Aegean city of Izmir after contracting pneumonia.