Egypt star of the century passes away at age of 83

Official news agency reports ‘Lady of Arabic screen’ as she was known, suffered ‘sudden health problem which led to her death.’

Qasr Al Hosn Festival seeks to revive UAE’s rich cultural past

Houellebecq’s 'Islamic France' novel sparks uproar

Ridley Scott's 'Exodus' censored in Morocco

War takes its toll on Syria heritage: Nearly 300 sites destroyed, damaged and looted

Arts Canteen London presents Attab Haddad: Iraqi oud with a western twist

Marrakesh Film Festival gives Japan a chance to shine

Drama out of tragedy: Syria women present new version of ‘Antigone’

Egypt revokes ban on Wehbe ‘provocative’ film

Lebanese diva Sabah passes away

Story about fear and destruction: Palestinian artist captures Gaza pain in clay

Morocco fossils: A rare and vanishing treasure

Cultural heartland of Al Ain hosts night of Emirati musical heritage

Abu Dhabi Film Festival to showcase best of Arab cinema

Sharjah Children's Film Festival kicks off with rich selection of movies

Piano recital opens Abu Dhabi Classics season

Al Masar Gallery holds second solo exhibition for Egyptian artist Ahmad Farid

Louvre Abu Dhabi to showcase renowned collections from France

Morocco basking in resurgence in foreign film productions

Abu Dhabi Film Festival unveils line up for 2014 edition

Jordanian director brings powerful first feature to Venice

Abu Dhabi publishes ‘Al Nahyan Poets’ collection

Another casualty of conquest and conflict in Gaza: Cultural heritage

Massive Attack in solidarity with Gaza children

Turkey politicians denounce calls for boycott of Jewish writer

2011 Libyan rebellion comes to Sarajevo

Nizwa gears up for 2015 cultural feast

UAE shines at Tan-Tan Moussem Festival

Nostalgia at its height: Syrian refugees recreate home in UAE

UAE, Morocco’s Sahraoui culture, heritage meet in Tan-Tan art exhibition

Abu Dhabi Festivals’ Committee unveils ‘Turathuna’

Who is going to win Million's Poet?

Iran actress's Cannes kiss angers Tehran authorities

Italy’s Garzone scoops Emirates Photography Competition Grand Prize

Egypt unveils tombs of senior pharaonic military men

24th Edition of ADIBF closes curtains on high note

Sudan deserts slowly reveal two-thousand-year old secrets

Ahmed Saadawi’s ‘Frankenstein in Baghdad’ wins 2014 International Prize for Arabic Fiction

Hajj now and then explored in Paris exhibition

Staggering 1,125 publishers take part in ADIBF


Swedish archaeologists discover pharaonic wall relief in Egypt

Team of archaeologists discovers rare 2,500-year-old wall relief depicting two pharaonic deities, God Amen-Re and God Thot.

Egypt bans epic movie ‘Exodus’ over ‘historical mistakes’

Culture Minister says Ridley Scott's blockbuster is rife with mistakes, including apparent claim that ‘Moses and Jews built the pyramids.’

A first! Art has taken to Saudi streets

Dozens of paintings by Saudi artists displayed on outdoor advertising billboards in Riyadh, other cities in what organisers say is kingdom's first public art show.

Libya criticises removal of iconic nude statue

Bronze statue, known locally as "the gazelle" for its depiction of a nude stroking an animal, disappears ‘in mysterious circumstances’.

UNESCO condemns 'barbaric' destruction of Iraq cultural heritage

Irina Bokova slams ‘appalling’ destruction of Iraq heritage, as jihadists from Islamic State group destroy age-old sites in areas they control.

Archaeologists unveil rare Roman inscription in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists find 2,000-year-old commemorative stone inscription near Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem's Old City.

Tunisia’s Jews: between protecting traditions and coexisting

Historic Jewish community holds out on Tunisia’s Dejrba island as some of its members say atmosphere is stifling.

Dr. Jamal S. Al-Suwaidi: Staying abreast of change is imperative

In new interview, Director General of ECSSR says progress of Arab Societies relies on their cultural interaction with the world, noting that he does not advocate Westernization.

Tinghir recalls Jewish past with nostalgia in film

Hachkar’s documentary sheds light Jewish past in Moroccan Berber town when Muslims, Jews co-existed harmoniously.

John McLaughlin plays jazz for Palestinians

Jazz guitar legend gives away proceeds from concert in Ramallah to local NGO, laments Palestinians’ plight under occupation.

“Sheikh Zayed Book Award” announces winners

Soyan wins Contribution to the Development of Nations Award, Mahmoudi wins Literature Award, while Children’s Literature Award goes to Fakhr Eldine.