Cannes spotlight on Iranian cinema

Iran's independent film sector is thriving despite tough regulations, challenges.

Palestinian museum to open without exhibition

Peshmerga documentary makes late entry in Cannes

Egypt's turmoil comes to Cannes in a police van

Turkish satire tackles adoption at Cannes

Rabai al-Madhoun wins International Prize for Arabic Fiction

SZBA Annual Book Award ceremony to be held Sunday

Banipal Magazine sheds light on ‘Sudanese Literature Today’

ADIBF to screen 18 films from 10 Arab countries in Black Box Cinema

Zayed Award Selects Amin Maalouf for Cultural Personality of the Year Award

SZBA unveils winners of its tenth edition

“Elegy on a Man of Culture and Thoughtfulness: Mohammad Khalaf Al Mazrouei” out now

ADIBF announces rich programme of events

Syria monastery once symbol of tolerance reduced to rubble

FICAM ends on a high note

More scans needed for King Tut's 'hidden chamber'

Egyptians outraged after Messi donates shoes to charity

World famous architect Zaha Hadid dies aged 65

Fashion mogul derides 'enslaving' Islamic styles

SZBA reveals 2016 contenders in ‘Arab Culture’, ‘Publishing’ Categories

Swedish Academy left it 27 years late to denounce Rushdie fatwa

Iranian film star to make European stage debut

Tomb of Jesus set for major restoration

3rd Saudi Film Festival to show 'thirst' for cinema

Concert kicks off events season for opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi

Scans show hidden chambers behind Tutankhamun's tomb

'Treasure hunter' arrested after night in Jerusalem cave

Holocaust survivor named world's oldest man

Israel opens investigation into artist who put flag in rectum

UEFA hits Galatasaray with one-year Europe ban

SZBA announces 2016 Literature, Children’s Literature short lists

Leicester City gains Algerian fans thanks to Riyad Mahrez

First edition of Mother of the Nation Festival to be launched next month in Abu Dhabi

SZBA gears up for short list announcements

Iraqi artist walks down Baghdad street with mock bomb suit

Tunisia wins Best First Feature Award at Berlin Film Fest

Berlin film fest competition kicks off with Arab film

48 poets compete in Million’s Poet contest

Dubai to become home to largest library in Arab world

Ancient boat unearthed in Egypt near pyramids


Destroyed by ISIS, Palmyra arch rises again in London

Six-metre tall scale recreation of Triumphal Arch is made of Egyptian marble, was carved in northern Italian region of Tuscany.

Syrian artist’s ‘Freedom Hospital’ tells of war’s hell

Hamid Sulaiman says love will always win as his graphic novel tells story of an underground hospital in besieged Syrian town.

Archaeologists find oldest known human settlement in Jerusalem

Dig in occupied east Jerusalem neighbourhood Shuafat reveals two homes with parts of walls and floors intact.

Syria Kurds revive native language with new curriculum

Curriculum is currently being taught alongside Arabic-language programme at institutions like Musa Bin Nasir School in city of Qamishli.

Egypt sends museum staff to trial over botched repair of Tut mask

Officials say eight employees of Cairo's Egyptian Museum will face disciplinary hearing over botched repair of mask of King Tutankhamun.

Iraq’s Mariamana school rare symbol of ethnic diversity

Unique school in Kirkuk brings children together where Islamic, Christian education textbooks are stacked on same tables.

Priceless heritage of Morocco’s Jews displayed at Museum of Moroccan Judaism

The only Jewish museum in the Arab world displays hundreds of artefacts and photographs depicting Jewish heritage.

Syria war takes its toll on heritage riches

Archeologists, heritage specialists say Syria’s rich history has made country's war particularly devastating.

Sculptor Parviz Tanavoli dedicates new work to Cecil the lion

Tanavoli usually works in bronze and other metals and is a leading proponent of Saghakhaneh style.

Liwa Date Festival: 11 years of attractive competitions and cultural activities

One week festival, ending on July 30, is a celebration of ratab, half-ripe dates. It attracts hundreds of participants every year.

Salma Hayek explores Lebanese roots in The Prophet

Film star connects with Lebanese roots through animated film, based on the prose-poetry essays written in English by the Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer Kahlil Gibran.