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Whether assistance to repair damages is forthcoming will have a major impact on public trust in the government.

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Is female cycling socially unacceptable in Egypt?

Egyptian female cyclists pedal for acceptance in Cairo where few women dare ride bicycle.

Mobile app for halal foodies, travellers

Singapore-based firm launches free "HalalTrip" app which enables share their experience through social media.

Tourists soaked in Merzouga sands for therapy

Many tourists come not just for sand baths but also for breathtaking sunsets over Merzouga's shifting sand dunes in Moroccan desert.

Gazans turn war remains into art objects

Dabbus finds orders for his creations from Israeli tank shells during seven-week war coming in.

Wall graffiti tells Homs story

Graffiti scrawled by rebels adorns central Syrian city’s gutted storefronts walls riddled with bullets.

History adorns Northern Iraq café walls

Café owner Khalil paints history in wall-to-wall photos, attracting everyone from ordinary citizens to senior politicians in Arbil.

In Tunisia, brides-to-be beg for surgery to make them "virgins" again

Social pressures force women to fake virginityby resorting to hymenoplasty for their wedding night.

Karbala shops opt for English names

Religious business names are being swapped by some shopkeepers for exotic English in Iraq’s Karbala, but not everyone is keen on idea.

Love is in the air for Saudi ‘infidels’

Only a liberal fringe of Saudis actually celebrate Valentine's Day in an ultra-conservative society.

In Morocco, living together outside of marriage is taboo

Unmarried couples brave cohabitation taboo despite facing police harassment, prying eyes of disapproving neighbours.

Black humour helps blockaded Gazans lighten mood

Gazans endure power blackouts with dark humour created by comedy groups, blending satire, social commentary, agitprop.