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In Tunisia, brides-to-be beg for surgery to make them "virgins" again

Social pressures force women to fake virginityby resorting to hymenoplasty for their wedding night.

Karbala shops opt for English names

Religious business names are being swapped by some shopkeepers for exotic English in Iraq’s Karbala, but not everyone is keen on idea.

Love is in the air for Saudi ‘infidels’

Only a liberal fringe of Saudis actually celebrate Valentine's Day in an ultra-conservative society.

In Morocco, living together outside of marriage is taboo

Unmarried couples brave cohabitation taboo despite facing police harassment, prying eyes of disapproving neighbours.

Black humour helps blockaded Gazans lighten mood

Gazans endure power blackouts with dark humour created by comedy groups, blending satire, social commentary, agitprop.

Baynunah Camel Mazayna a reference for UAE authenticity, heritage

Baynunah event seeks to support, encourage Emirati camel owners to continue legacy of mazaynas.

Centuries of Syria's history destroyed in just two years

World concerns for Syria’s heritage as historic sites are destroyed, ancient pieces looted to be sold in Beirut, Amman markets.

In Lebanon, refugee Syrian children struggle to make ends meet

From begging to shining shoes, Syrian children in Lebanon face physical, sexual abuse.

Damascus revellers try to forget war on their doorstep

Clubbers still head out on town to dance on in bid to forget thunder of outgoing artillery fire in Syrian capital.

Big Brother US widens web surveillance

Closures of US embassies in Middle East, Africa sharpen debate on Internet snooping by US spy agencies.

Iraqis turn to traditional Mheibis game in Ramadan

Iraqi teams brave unabated violence in holy month for face off to be 'lords of the ring' in cafes, on streets.