Aleppo boys dream of becoming boxing champions despite war

Dozens of young children box to drown out bombs opposition-held areas in Syria’s war-torn Aleppo city.

Jail for Iranians who share ‘inappropriate’ photos on mobile apps

Young Algerians socialise at the mall

German asylum dream for Iraqis hard to fulfill

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A first for Arab world: Migrant workers to form labour union in Lebanon

Immigrant youth feel less equal in France of equality, fraternity

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Morocco fossils: A rare and vanishing treasure

Baghdad takes anti-jihadist war to airwaves

Scottish independence campaigners find support in Palestinian bagpipers

‘Youth Troupe of Yarmuk’ rare ray of light in Syria's refugee camp

Shiite Turkmens in north Iraq stuck in limbo

Blind pupils have passion for football in Mali

World Cup euphoria grips Lebanon

Nostalgia at its height: Syrian refugees recreate home in UAE

Iraq's Arabs and Kurds have no common language

Syria’s displaced boost relaxed Latakia’s economy

Yemen’s qat threatens to exhaust precious water resource

Water crisis looming by end of 21st century

Hajj now and then explored in Paris exhibition

History-rich Baghdad officially world's worst city

South American ‘mate’ has become local tradition in Lebanon

Untold tragedy of South Sudan's Juba

Why star power and foreign policy don't always mix

In Sudanese tent city, South Sudan remains a promised land

Egypt’s shattered hopes becomes New York’s art

Gun business thriving in Jordan over Syria war fears

Breaking taboos: Syrian young women use bicycles to get around

Donkeys become dustbin men: Fuel crisis makes Gaza a dump but provides work for the poor

Syrian refugees prepare for the worst winter Lebanon sees in a century

From Lebanon’s civil war to Hollywood’s A-list, fashion designer brings her success back home


Cafes, restaurants spring up in Tripoli

Tripolitans taste normality in Libyan capital thanks to its cafes despite being dogged by sporadic violence.

British entrepreneurs eyeing rapidly expanding Muslim consumer market

British brands from clothes to greetings cards to online gym courses eye growing Muslim consumer market.

Sufism in Morocco ‘a powerful weapon’ against extremism

Sufi festivals, such as Sufi Culture Festival in Fez, are held every year, drawing crowds from as far away as South America.

Russian soldiers profitable economic presence in Latakia

Russian soldiers go into city for food, drink, entertainment, creating new customer base with different demands for Latakia's businesses.

Iraq’s Mariamana school rare symbol of ethnic diversity

Unique school in Kirkuk brings children together where Islamic, Christian education textbooks are stacked on same tables.

Priceless heritage of Morocco’s Jews displayed at Museum of Moroccan Judaism

The only Jewish museum in the Arab world displays hundreds of artefacts and photographs depicting Jewish heritage.

‘Street workout’ draws onlookers at Gaza beach

Young Palestinians enjoy urban bodybuilding in Gaza even if streets are ill-equipped to accommodate sport.

Education in “Darija” divides Moroccans amid deteriorating system

Some argue teaching in Moroccan dialect will help resolve education crisis while others say it will only destroy classical Arabic, plunge education into the abyss.

In Iraq village, Smoking, horn honking, political debating are banned

Iraqi village of Albu Nahadh with only about 700 inhabitants takes radical stand against national woes.

Morocco's majestic cedars threatened by climate change

Director of Ifran national park says water shortages compounded by animals’ behaviour are contributing to withering of cedars.

Is female cycling socially unacceptable in Egypt?

Egyptian female cyclists pedal for acceptance in Cairo where few women dare ride bicycle.